Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko, a retired CSGO player published his autobiography book in English. The book is called “Against All Odds: The Way to Victory” and it is already available in paperback on Amazon. A digital version of the book will also be released later this week.

Zeus Autobiography Book – Against All Odds: The Way to Victory

The book was first released in Russian in May 2019. However, it is now fully translated and can be purchased in English. So hurry up and get your copy!

Zeus is a former player of NaVi and Gambit. He retired from CSGO in September 2019. This book is sort of autobiography and it covers his whole career. From his early childhood to winning a Major.

Zeus started his Counter-Strike career as a professional CS 1.6 player. He helped in forming of team Natus Vincere and he was the part of that team while they dominated CS 1.6 world. After the release of CSGO, he stayed in Na’Vi and played for that team from 2012 to 2016. Although Na’Vi never won a Major tournament, Zeus did. He went to Gambit in Oct 2016 and won a Major: PGL Major Kraków 2017.

As he states in his book, the problems in Gambit started after they won a Major so he went back to Na’Vi and played there for the rest of his career (2017-2019). In the book, he openly speaks about success on that Major and why the team collapsed after it. If you want to know more about CSGO professional scene and its real problems, you should definitely read this piece. Zeus Autobiography book – Against All Odds: The Way to Victory is definitely a must-read for all Esports fans.


This book will be interesting and useful to anyone regardless of whether they are related to cybersport or not. This is the story of a great and legendary player and caption, the story of a kind, simple guy who went through a long and difficult journey to his dream. You will learn many previously unknown facts about Danylo, his teams, and pivotal moments in his life. No matter what you do, success can be achieved only if you set the highest goals and pursue them, constantly improving yourself and not giving up in difficult times. This is a must-read book for anyone who is dreaming big and striving for great victories in sports and in life.

Nikolay CERTUS Poluyanov, apprentice, friend, coach of the Spirit team

I hope that after reading this book no parent will have any qualms about e-Sports, because it clearly explains that perseverance and hard work, along with a competent approach, make wonders. I am amazed at the level of precision, clarity, and detail in Zeus’ presentation of his e-Sports journey. A book that every aspiring gamer must read from cover to cover to feel the way of a true professional. The book makes it clear that Danylo Zeus’s championship is his own success, coming out of proper education and constant self-improvement. I am very glad that I have the privilege to know this man and help him, if ever so slightly, to achieve his success.

Arseny СЕН9 Trinozhenko, friend, teammate, blogger.