Online sports betting is an exciting hobby. Starters usually want to bet on something easy just to get a winning bet. But with so many sports on a sportsbook’s page, how can one pick up the easiest to predict? Well, sports with clear favorites are the obvious choice of new bettors, but surprises are pretty common. Read on to learn more about the most predictable sports you can bet on and how to read the odds correctly.


Tennis is an aristocratic sport that tests one’s mind and body equally. At the same time, surprises are relatively rare, and favorites usually take home the lion’s share of a tournament’s prize fund.

Statistically, men’s tennis is the most straightforward sport to predict and Roland-Garros, aka the French Open, is the most predictable event on the calendar.


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Strange as it may seem, basketball appears to be the second easiest sport to predict. If NBA bets seem too challenging, you can try to guess the outcome of some FIBA or Euroleague matches first.

Basketball is a game of skill and tactics, so if you read enough pre-match reviews and analyses, you should get enough information to make a winning moneyline bet.

The bad news is that sportsbooks know that and are not very generous in their odds. So, you will probably have to combine moneylines and over/under bets to make more money.

College Basketball Odds Are Higher

If you bet on several college basketball games on a parlay ticket, your moneyline bets will bring you more cash. That’s because college basketball games are full of twists and turns. 

Players are still honing their skills, and a team can experience several ups and downs until the siren goes off.


The reason why Sumo comes third is that it’s far less popular than the previous candidates. Sumo bouts are predictable in all lower divisions.

A simple online search reveals that Pinnacle is the most popular sportsbook for Sumo bets, followed by UniBet and DraftKings. 

A Fair Sport to Bet on

Sumo has a strict hierarchy, and you can predict a bout’s outcome by just seeing the wrestlers’ titles. 

Since 2011, Japan’s Sumo Association has introduced strict rules against match-rigging. Consequently, more and more online sportsbooks have included Sumo in their betting lists. 

If you want to take advantage of the highest possible odds, try to guess a tournament’s winner.