Vitality vs BIG Betting Prediction(CS_SUMMIT 6 Europe)

Vitality vs BIG Betting Prediction(CS_SUMMIT 6 Europe)

Interested in Vitality vs BIG betting prediction? Read our in-depth analysis and find out who should you bet on in the final match of CS_Summit 6 Europe.

*before we start, it’s important to mention that Vitality will have one map advantage in this best of 5 series!


Vitality vs BIG Betting Prediction

Since both teams have played a lot of matches so far in the event, we’ll have an excellent insight into both teams’ current form and playstyle. hooked us up with an exclusive bonus. Use code CSGOTIPS on your first deposit and get 100% up to €/$200.


Let’s start with Vitality. So far, Vitality has looked absolutely fantastic. They’ve beaten everyone and they’ve only dropped two maps in 5 BO3 series they played.

On the other hand, BIG also looked good, but definitely not as good as Vitality. German CSGO roster stomped FaZe twice, but they lost a tight series against OG.

When it comes to Vitality vs BIG betting prediction, form is definitely favoring Vitality, but from our point of view, this won’t be the key factor.

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Map Pool & Possible Veto

Truth be told, we’ll have an easy job prediction a correct map veto for this Vitality vs BIG betting prediction. Before we start, it’s important to mention that this match will be contested in the best of 5 format.

Given the fact that Vitality advance to the grand final from the upper bracket, they’ll have map advantage in this match.

Let’s start with permabans. G2 will definitely permaban Train as they never play this map. Furthermore, we don’t think that BIG wants to compete against Vitality on Vertigo as this is by far their best map.

Since these two teams actually played against each other in the upper bracket, we’ve seen BIG ban Vertigo hence why we believe that the same thing will happen again.

Mirage isn’t a good map for Vitality and BIG abused that in their last match. BIG tends to play Mirage a lot lately and they should definitely be favored here since Vitality is sitting at a low win percentage of 43% on this map.

Dust 2 is another solid pick for BIG. Despite beating BIG on this map not so long ago, Vitality doesn’t have consistency to do it constantly, at least not on this map. On top of that, apEX dropped 30 kills in that map, when will that happen again?

Inferno will be a safe pick for Vitality and they’ll probably beat BIG here with ease. Against OG, BIG showed nothing on Inferno while Vitality used utility perfectly against Heroic and in their first match against BIG. All in all, Inferno favors Vitality heavily.

Nuke could shouldn’t be that hard to predict. We simply believe that BIG has what it takes to take Vitality into deep waters and edge them out in this map. BIG won this map the last 7 times they played it while Vitality didn’t pick it all that much.

Overpass will be a hard pick for both teams. From our point of view, this map is a legit coinflip, and there is a chance that we won’t see this map played.

Possible map veto for this Vitality vs BIG betting prediction could look like this:

  • Vitality BAN Train
  • BIG BAN Vertigo
  • Vitality PICK Inferno
  • BIG PICK Mirage
  • Vitality PICK Dust 2
  • BIG PICK Nuke

Vitality vs BIG Betting Prediction Summary

When it comes to form, we have to give a small edge to Vitality. On top of that, they’ve already beaten BIG. However, from our perspective, this was a close match that could have easily gone the other way around.

Map pool is what we’ll be basing our Vitality vs BIG betting prediction on. BIG has a solid map pool and that’s a fact. On the other hand, Vitality didn’t look that good on some of the maps they played hence why we see a real chance for BIG to take this one.

Not so long ago, German CSGO roster was able to turned things around in the best of 5 series against G2 where they pulled things back on Nuke, Dust 2 and Mirage.

To summarize this Vitality vs BIG betting prediction. BIG definitely has a chance in this one and CSGO betting sites are writing them off. Odds on BIG to beat Vitality are way too good to pass hence why we’re going with a straight match-winner pick.

Watch the match here.

Prediction: BIG to Win
Highest Odds: 3.05
Betting Site:


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