If you’re bored with traditional betting and you want to try something new, then don’t miss out on Puntt.gg. This is the first-ever site that is providing betting options on CSGO players. In this piece, you’ll find all there is about Puntt.

What is Puntt.gg?


Puntt is a brand new online betting platform based on esports betting. The company itself is owned by RPGG Media Ltd. This company is based in Liverpool, UK. It’s important to mention that Puntt is established by a team of gamers with a background in betting.

In order to make things easier for you, here is a quote from the company itself on why they decided to create Puntt and what are their main goals.

“Fans shouldnʼt see their accounts closed because theyʼve had a winning bet. We donʼt think they should have to fight with operators to withdraw the money theyʼve won. They shouldnʼt have to turn to grey-market operators to find bets which interest and excite them, and they shouldnʼt have to tolerate poor odds from risk-averse bookmakers.”

Is Puntt Different From Other Betting Sites?

Unlike other betting sites out there, Puntt is only focused on pool betting. From the analytics side of things, this is the only design that works for both customers and operators.

It’s important to mention that betting at Puntt is different because you are not betting against mathematically set odds. You’re betting against other esports fans just like yourself.

By doing this, Puntt is offering significantly higher odds and better markets.

On top of that, Puntt promised to reinvest a portion of their revenue back into esports either by sponsoring tournaments and teams or by hosting other gaming-related charities.

How to Sign up For an Account

Truth be told, signing up for an account is very easy. Here is a quick step-by-step tutorial on how to get started.

  1. Click the “Sign Up” button below.
  2. You’ll be redirected to Puntt.gg homepage. Press “Sign In” button and locate “Not signed up? Create a new account” tab.
  3. Type in your full name, date of birth, email & password. Read through T&Cs and tick the boxes.
  4. Verify your email and you’re good to go.

*at the time of writing, only UK based players can sign up for an account!

Puntt.gg Promotions

There isn’t much in terms of bonuses and other promotions. However, Puntt is running a lot of pools that are boosted.

For instance, you can join ESL Pro League Season 11 Finals where £3,500 has been added to the guarenteed pool.

Payment Options

Puntt.gg isn’t thriving when it comes to payment options. At the time of writing, there are two major options available to you.

  • VISA – min. £5, max. £240
  • MasterCard – min. £5, max. £240

Puntt.gg Review – Conclusion

There isn’t much to say about this revolutionary CSGO betting site. Given the fact that it’s only limited to the bettors from UK, we’d suggest you give this site a try for several reasons.

Firstly, you won’t find higher odds anywhere else. This betting site is offering insane odds without a doubt. If you’re following the professional scene, you can easily profit from betting here as you have all the knowledge necessary in order to best other players(remember that you’re playing against other people and not against a site).

Secondly, it seems like Puntt is determined in providing boosted prize pools and this is where you need to capitalize. For instance, ESL Pro League Season 11 Finals are boosted with £3,500. By joining in, you’re setting yourself for success, so don’t miss out on this chance.