Mousesports vs Navi Betting Prediction – ICE Challenge 2020

Mousesports vs Navi Betting Prediction – ICE Challenge 2020

ICE Challenge 2020 grand final is finally here and we’re providing you with our mousesports vs Navi betting prediction. In this piece, you’ll be able to find the best CSGO betting sites, map pool and our map veto prediction.

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Mousesports vs Navi Betting Prediction

Since both teams played a huge amount of matches so far on this CSGO tournament, we’ll have an excellent insight into their current form and playstyle.


Let’s start with mousesports. A total of 6 maps won while only being defeated on one says a lot about German CSGO roster.

They had no trouble against MAD Lions in their opener while AVANGAR) didn’t offer much against karrigan and co. either.

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In the semifinals, mousesports once again faced off against MAD Lions. This time around, mousesports showed huge gaps on Vertigo while they looked comfortable on Dust 2 and Nuke.

Navi, just like mousesports played a total of three matches. GODSENT stood no chance in the opener, despite winning one map. However, Navi did look quite bad on Dust 2 while Nuke and Train were much better for them.

OG didn’t show up in their match against Navi. They’ve won a total of 14 rounds over the course of two maps, Dust 2 and Mirage.

Once again GODSENT tried hard to best Navi. This time around, they didn’t even come close. 16-7 on Overpass and 16-13 victory on Train sealed the deal for s1mple and co.

Mousesports vs Navi Betting – Recommended CSGO Betting Sites & Odds Comparison

There are quite a few CSGO betting sites out there. Not all of them will provide you with everything you need which includes special bets, various deposit options, competitive odds, and welcome promotions.

Mousesports vs Navi Betting Prediction Odds Comparison:

Unibet2.60BET HERE
Betway2.45BET HERE
GG.bet2.48BET HERE

Map Pool & Possible Veto

Our map pool is based on team’s performance in the period of the last 3 months. Statistically speaking, mousesports is better on every single map, expect for Train where both teams have a 100% win rate.

However, mouse is undefeated on Train in 9 maps while Na’Vi played Train only 4 times. That means mousesports also has a better performance on Train which gives them an advantage on every single map from the active map pool.

Let’s leave statistics aside as we all know they can’t be trusted. 

The truth is, Na’Vi had a rough finish of the year and their performance was not so good. The main reason for their bad map pool is Blast Pro Series Moscow, where Na’Vi did not win a single match, out of 5 matches they played on that tournament.


In this very tournament, Na’Vi preferred to pick Train and Dust 2 while avoiding Vertigo and Overpass. Although they did not pick either Mirage or Nuke, their performance on those maps was amazing too. Their permaban is Vertigo and that map is definitely out of the picture.


Mousesports also prefers to play on Train and Dust 2 and they also perform well on Nuke. Mouse’s permaban is Overpass and we already said Na’Vi tends to avoid that map.

All in all, their map pool is quite similar and this match won’t end with 3-0 for any team. Knowing that both teams feel comfortable on the same maps tells us that it will definitely be a hell of a match to watch. You can watch the match here.

This is a Bo5 match so there are only 2 bans. Those 2 bans will be Vertigo and Overpass. The only question is, which 2 maps will be picked first. In my opinion, those maps are Train and Dust2. The third map will probably be Nuke followed by Mirage. If it comes to that, Inferno will be a decider. 

Mousesports vs Navi Betting Prediction Summary

Form-wise, both teams are looking really good. They’ve crushed their rivals and we should be in for a solid game of Counter-Strike. When it comes to CSGO betting, this should be a straightforward prediction.

To be honest, I don’t want to predict a match-winner in this one. Even though I’m leaning towards mousesports, I simply can’t rule out s1mple and electronic.

This is why this match should be a blast and hopefully, we’ll see a lot of maps being played.

To summarize this mousesports vs Navi betting prediction. These two teams share similar map pools hence why we should see a decider in this one. At the time of writing, odds are more than solid for this to hit and our prediction is that we’re going to see all 5 maps being played.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 4.5
Odds: 2.60
Betting Site: Unibet
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