mousesports vs MAD Lions Betting Prediction – ICE Challenge 2020

mousesports vs MAD Lions Betting Prediction – ICE Challenge 2020

Now that ICE Challenge 2020 quarterfinals are concluded, the stage is set for the semis. In this piece, you’ll be able to find our mousesports vs MAD Lions betting prediction which will include in-depth analysis, highest odds on the market and more.

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Mousesports vs MAD Lions Betting – Recommended CSGO Betting Sites

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Now that we’ve sorted out the “where to bet” section, let’s go over the facts. Both mousesports and MAD Lions are looking good right now.

Let’s start with the German CSGO roster. Mousesports didn’t drop a map so far on this event. In their opener, they were matched against MAD Lions, and guess what, they dominated the game. Scoreline-wise, this match seemed close, but trust me when I say it, it wasn’t. Both Mirage and Dust 2 were quite comfortable for mousesports(despite Mirage ending in overtime).

After MAD Lions, mouse stepped things up with a solid showing against the former AVANGAR roster( This time around, karrigan and co. didn’t want to leave anything to chance as they cruised to victory on Vertigo and Train.

MAD Lions, however, didn’t look bad so far on ICE Challenge. Despite losing the opener to mousesports, they bounced right back with victories against Heroic and OG. I was really impressed with MAD Lions on Nuke, but their showing on the CT-side of Mirage had me worried.

Lastly, Danish squad stomped OG on Nuke and Train. Yet again, MAD Lions looked outstanding on Nuke. On top of that, they didn’t look bad on Train either. However, I believe that teams such as mousesports will be able to exploit MAD Lions weaknesses on Train.

Mousesports vs MAD Lions Map Pool & Possible Veto

Predicting a successful map veto for this mousesports vs MAD Lions betting prediction shouldn’t be that hard. Given the fact that these two teams already played against each other, we have a pattern that we can follow.

Let’s start with the basics, permabans. MAD Lions will definitely permaban Inferno while mousesports will look to remove Overpass.

Mousesports already proved that they’re a better team on Dust 2 and this is by far their best option in this match. I heavily side with the German squad on this map.

Even though MAD Lions had a solid showing on Mirage in their last match against mouse, I believe that they’re simply not that good on this map. I also believe that mousesports figured some stuff out on the CT-side and they’ll have so much more to offer on Mirage now.

As mentioned above, the Danish CSGO team looked really good on Nuke. They’ve stomped both Heroic and OG on this map and that says a lot. On the other hand, mousesports tend to avoid this map and if MAD Lions don’t pick it first, we definitely won’t see this one being played.

Vertigo is a solid map for mousesports. Even though they don’t play it that often, they can offer so much more here once compared to MAD Lions.

Train will be a decider here(if needed). When it comes to my mousesports vs MAD Lions betting prediction, I’d love it this is picked by MAD Lions. I believe that mousesports is the best team on this map by far and their record proves it.

Mousesports vs MAD Lions Betting Prediction – Summary

When it comes to form, mousesports definitely has an edge. MAD Lions didn’t really offer that much once they played against mouse in their opener. Despite beating teams like Heroic and OG, I simply can’t see how can they harm mousesports.

As for the map pool. German CSGO roster has such a huge edge here. I really don’t see MAD Lions throwing a curveball in this map veto. All in all, mousesports should comfortably get two solid chances to wrap up this series nice and early.

To summarize this mousesports vs MAD Lions betting prediction. Both form and map pool are favoring karrigan and co. Furthermore, they’ve already defeated MAD Lions and that says a lot.

This should be an easy match for the German squad and in my books, I see this match ending up with a swift 2-0 scoreline.

You can watch the match here.

Prediction: mousesports to win 2-0
Odds: 1.72
Betting Site: Unibet
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