MIBR is the latest Brazilian CSGO organization. Furthermore, MIBR is owned by Immortals, an organization who once had a very successful CSGO roster. However, bad reputation led to Immortals being disbanded, and MIBR(Made in Brazil) surfaced.


brazil csgo
Country Nickname Name Role
MIBR CSGO roster FalleN Gabriel Toledo AWPer/In-game leader
MIBR CSGO roster fer Fernando Alvarenga Rifler
brazil csgo coldzera Marcelo David Rifler
MIBR csgo roster TACO Epitácio de Melo Rifler/Support
MIBR csgo roster felps João Vasconcellos Rifler
Brazil csgo zews Wilton Prado Coach

Individual skill

MIBR initially picked up former SK roster. Their core, Fernando “fer” Alvarenga, Gabriel “Fallen” Toledo and Marcelo “coldzera” David has been dominating CSGO scene for a while, and I guess they got fed up with SK, as they looked for another opportunity.

Fallen is the heart and soul of this team. He is one of the best in-game leaders on the CSGO scene, and he is definitely among the best 5 AWP players in the world. However, he has been in a slump, but in early 2019 it seems like he regained his focus and concentration.

Secondly, fer and João “felps” Vasconcellos are a deadly duo. They are most proficient with rifles and pistols. You all know that fer is a very aggressive player, while felps is a complete opposite. Overall, a perfect fit.

Epitácio “TACO” de Melo was a part of former SK team. However, he was traded to Liquid where he acquired some solid results. Epitácio decided that it was time to come back and start another era with MIBR CSGO roster. In my personal opinion, TACO is the best support player in the world.

Lastly, the best player on MIBR CSGO roster is coldzera. This guy was topping the charts in every CSGO event he took part in. However, just like all the other players on this roster, he was in a slump, but he is definitely on point in 2019. A perfect anchor and a rifler, with extraordinary recoil control and ability to multi-frag. He is also very proficient with AWP.

Game plan

Fallen always has a plan. MIBR CSGO roster will never play without an approach. Furthermore, they tend to play more structured rather than being loose. Fallen and co. have very strong defaults. If you are to look at any of their matches, the entire map is covered, so there are no easy kills for anyone who plays against MIBR CSGO roster.

Their executions on certain bombsites are also on point. Even though they have bad timings from time to time, it still looks really good, and most of the lower ranked teams simply do not have what it takes to compete against that. Lastly, MIBR CSGO roster probably has the best fakes out of all professional CSGO rosters. Their fakes are simply on another level. You can see MIBR’s pistol round execute on Cache:

MIBR CSGO roster achievements

As we mentioned above, MIBR CSGO roster was in a serious slump in 2018. Even though they were competitive in a lot of tournaments, it was not enough to win them. That is the main reason why they only won one event in 2018, that being:


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