MAD Lions vs Renegades Betting Prediction – DreamHack Leipzig

MAD Lions vs Renegades Betting Prediction – DreamHack Leipzig

DreamHack Leipzig 2020 playoffs are finally here and we’re presenting you with an in-depth analysis and MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction.

Find out who’s offering the highest odds for this match. On top of that, we did the research for you so you can find out who has the advantage in this CSGO betting prediction.

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MAD Lions vs Renegades Betting Prediction – Analysis


Since both MAD Lions and Renegades played a lot of matches so far on DreamHack Leipzig 2020, we’ll have an excellent insight into both teams’ form and playstyle.

Let’s start with the Danish CSGO roster. From my point of view, MAD Lions had two very tough match-ups in front of them. After dispatching of Heroic on Dust 2(16-10), MAD Lions also dominated the entire match against their rivals, North.

MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction

On the other hand, I’m not impressed with Renegades. Former Grayhound roster did acquire a couple of players that boosted the individual skill of the team, but how much can they do against a well-structured team?

In their opener, Renegades trashed Cloud9. Even though this match could have easily gone the other way around, the Australian team was luckier than C9.

After a decent showing, Renegades faced the first problems. Now that they were matched against a team that has a structure, they struggled. To be honest, they had nothing to offer against BIG on Nuke.

Lastly, we’ve seen a rematch between C9 and Renegades. Once again, Cloud9 had nothing to offer in this match as they struggled on both Inferno and Dust 2.

MAD Lions vs Renegades Betting Odds – Who is Offering the Highest Odds?

In order to be successful at CSGO betting, you have to be on the lookout for the best odds possible. In this section of the article, you’ll find the odds comparison from some of the best CSGO betting sites regarding our MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction.

Odds comparison for MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction:

BETTING SITEMAD Lions vs Renegades Prediction Odds
GG.bet1.38BET HERE
Cyber.bet1.35BET HERE

Map Pool & Possible Veto

Since this is the first LAN even in 2020, we’ll have a hard time predicting a successful map veto for this MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction.

Let’s start with the basics which are permabans. Inferno is a no-go for the Danish roster while Renegades will definitely ban Vertigo.

Train is a map where MAD Lions will have a huge advantage. I just can’t see them lose this map since Renegades didn’t show anything here. This should be MAD Lions map pick.

Mirage is a coin flip in my opinion. Renegades first picked this map in 42% of their matches while MAD Lions don’t really play Mirage. It should be noted that the Danish CSGO roster played this map 3 times as they defeated North and ENCE here.

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Nuke won’t be played, at least that’s what I think. I don’t think that Renegades will pick this map, especially after a poor showing against BIG. Furthermore, MAD Lions will look to ban it after the first picks are sealed.

Truth be told, I was impressed by MAD Lions on Dust 2 against Heroic. They looked really strong on this map while Renegades weren’t really tested here. I’m siding with MAD Lions on Dust 2.

Lastly, we’re left with Overpass. Both teams aren’t shying away from playing this map. However, I don’t think that anyone will first pick it. Eventually, we might see it played as a decider.

I’ve watched Renegades play this map against Cloud9 and they didn’t impress me. Their executes weren’t timed that good and most of the duels were won by individual brilliance.

On the other hand, MAD Lions showed that they can play a structured game of Counter-Strike on this map hence why I believe they’ll have no problems disposing of Renegades here.

MAD Lions vs Renegades Prediction Summary

Form-wise, I simply have to side with MAD Lions. They’ve defeated two top contenders without breaking a sweat. Renegades, however, showed nothing. They’ve defeated Cloud9 twice and the only test they had was against BIG, and guess what, they failed hard.

As for the map pool. MAD Lions will have an advantage on quite a few of these maps.

To summarize this MAD Lions vs Renegades betting prediction. There is no denying that MAD Lions is a better team individually. Even though Sico and Dexter are more than solid, I simply believe that MAD Lions have so much more to offer when it comes to individual plays.

All in all, I believe that MAD Lions will have a decent advantage in this match. From my perspective, the Danish roster should win this match comfortably.

Prediction: MAD Lions to Win
Highest Odds: 1.43
Betting Site:


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