The Cathedral of CSGO is back in action as all of the top teams gathered to compete for money, fame, and prestige. A total of $1.000,000 is up for grabs as teams will start playing on July 6th with the IEM Cologne Play-in. In this piece, you will find all there is about IEM Cologne betting starting with CSGO odds, where to bet on this event, our picks & more.


Where to Bet on IEM Cologne 2021?

If you want to bet on IEM Cologne but don’t know where to start, let us help. We analyzed a bunch of sites and only 3 CSGO betting sites stood out for us. With these operators, you will enjoy CSGO live betting action, excellent odds, various promotions, and insane IEM Cologne 2021 coverage.

*keep in mind that these operators accept various payment methods as well!

IEM Cologne 2021 Betting Sites

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IEM Cologne 2021 Odds & Tournament Predictions is the first betting site that released the odds for this event. Alongside pre-match IEM Cologne odds, they also released the tournament winner odds that are very interesting to us. Without further ado, here are the outright odds and our predictions regarding IEM Cologne betting.

Gambit – 2.8
Natus Vincere – 2.9
Heroic – 3
G2 – 3.7 – 4
Astralis – 4.4
Liquid – 7

Spirit – 11
Vitality – 12
BIG – 13
OG – 13
Mousesports – 14
Ninjas in Pyjamas – 15
Complexity – 15
Evil Geniuses – 16

FaZe – 17
MiBR – 25
Sprout – 65
LDLC – 75
Renegades – 85
TeamOne – 100
Bad News Bears – 150
ViCi – 200

*Tournament winner odds that are provided by

IEM Cologne Tournaments Predictions

As you can see from the current odds, Gambit, Natus Vincere, and Heroic are the biggest favorites to go all the way and win this event. Even though we agree with this and it’s very likely that one of these three teams will lift the trophy, we didn’t find any value there.

The competition is tough and when it comes to IEM Cologne 2021 betting, we can’t place our money on such odds when there is a real chance that these teams could be eliminated as they are competing against the best teams in the world.

However, odds on Ninjas in Pyjamas surprised us a lot and currently, this is the best value you can get for your money. Ever since NiP signed device, they’ve been on the rise. From our point of view, he is by far the best CSGO player in the world. He is patient, well-rounded, and incredibly skilled with the AWP. Alongside the young guns that NiP has, current IEM Cologne 2021 odds are set to 15 and they are unrealistic. This for sure presents a value bet.

IEM Cologne 2021 Format & Schedule

There are three stages to this event. It all starts with Play-In. Afterward, teams will battle it out in the group stage for their spot in the playoffs where the event will conclude. In total, 24 teams from all over the globe have their eyes set on the trophy and a share of $1.000,000 in prize money. Find more information about this event here.

iem cologne 2021 betting


Starting on July 6th, 16 teams will battle for the remaining spots in the group stage. We can freely say that Play-in is nothing but a qualifier. A double-elimination bracket has been put in place. Opening matches are played in the best of 1 format while every other match is played in the best of 3 series.

Out of 16 teams competing here, the top 8 will advance through to the group stage of the event. Here are the teams competing at the Play-in stage: NiP, LDLC, Bad News Bears, Mousesports, Spirit, MiBR, Renegades, Vitality, OG, TeamOne, Sprout, BIG, Evil Geniuses, FaZe, Complexity, ViCi.

*IEM Cologne Play-In Predictions(teams that will advance): NiP, mousesports, Spirit, Vitality, OG, BIG, Evil Geniuses, Complexity.

Group Stage

July 8th is for sure going to be interesting, especially regarding IEM Cologne 2021 betting. Two double-elimination groups have been put in place. Every group consists out of 8 teams. Every single match is played in the best of 3 format. The best three teams from each group will advance through to the playoffs.

Keep in mind that the group stage winner will advance through to the semifinals, while 2nd placed teams will book themselves a spot in the quarterfinals as high seeds. 3rd placed teams will also qualify for the quarterfinals, but only as low seeds.

8 teams already qualified for the group stage and they are as follows: Gambit, Natus Vincere, Heroic,, Astralis, G2, FURIA, Liquid.


The remaining 8 teams will start playing on July 16th. This time around, there are no second chances for anyone because the single-elimination bracket is in play. If you lose one match, you’re eliminated. This format is straightforward. The only important thing you should know that quarterfinals and semifinals are played in the best of 3 format, while the grand final is played in the best of 5 series.