Looking for IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs predictions for Virtus.pro vs Astralis, and Gambit vs FaZe? If so, you’re in the right place, as we’ll provide you with safe predictions for this match that you don’t want to miss out on. Let’s get straight into it.

Virtus.pro vs Astralis Prediction

After a horrific last month, no one expected a lot from Jame and co. However, they bounced back by winning three straight(Complexity, BIG, NiP). On the other hand, Astralis looked good, but once they faced Natus Vincere, they were unable to do much because they lacked a proper AWPer.

Virtus.pro: 2.13
Astralis: 1.68

Virtus.pro: 2.10
Astralis: 1.65

Virtus.pro: 2.15
Astralis: 1.65

Predicting a correct map pool for this Virtus.pro vs Astralis prediction could be hard. Ever since Ancient was introduced to the map pool, a lot of teams are yet to adjust. Here are the facts. Mirage is a no-go for Astralis, just like Nuke is for Virtus.pro. Overpass or Inferno are two maps where we definitely favor Virtus.pro here. Dust 2, should be a coinflip, but given the fact that Astralis lacks a sniper, we wouldn’t be surprised if Jame has it his way on this map.

To summarize this Virtus.pro vs Astralis prediction. The odds on this match should be a coinflip as Virtus.pro will definitely have a chance to win this match. However, CSGO betting sites don’t think the same and they labeled Astralis as a decent favorite in this match. We don’t agree with that, and by far the best bet for this match is to go for Virtus.pro because of the odds. Watch the match here.

Pick: Virtus.pro to win
Odds: 2.15
Betting Site: LOOT.bet

Gambit vs FaZe Prediction

Let’s move on with our IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs predictions. This time around, the best CSGO team in the world is playing against FaZe. To be honest, we have seen a lot of FaZe in this event so far, and we weren’t impressed. On the other hand, Gambit, as always, had its ups and downs, but they always deliver when called upon.

Gambit: 1.37
FaZe: 2.98

Gambit: 1.35
FaZe: 2.95

Gambit: 1.33
FaZe: 3.15

When it comes to map pool for this Gambit vs FaZe prediction. We know that Gambit doesn’t play Nuke and this is for sure their permaban. On the other hand, Vertigo is a no-go for FaZe in this one. This leaves us with a solid map pool for both teams. Gambit has an excellent choice in front of themselves. They can go for either Dust, Inferno, or Overpass here. Contrary to that, the only map where FaZe will have an actual chance is Mirage. In the second wave of bans, we hope that Gambit will remove Ancient and this will set them up for success.

To sum this Gambit vs FaZe prediction, let’s talk about important factors. We all know that Gambit delivers in these situations while FaZe often struggles. From their recent games, we can see that karrigan isn’t having it his way just yet with this roster. CSGO odds on this match are pretty much correct. Gambit is a big favorite and rightfully so. They will take this best of 3 series easily. The only thing about this IEM Cologne 2021 playoffs prediction is the fact of whether they’ll be able to secure a 2:0 victory. We don’t want to put too much thought into this and hope that Gambit shows up on Mirage, but we’ll rather take match-winner CSGO odds for this one. Watch the match here.

Pick: Gambit to win
Odds: 1.37
Betting Site: GG.bet