Heroic vs forZe Prediction | EPICENTER 2019

Heroic vs forZe Prediction | EPICENTER 2019

EPICENTER 2019 playoffs are live soon and I want to present you with my Heroic vs forZe prediction. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to find a full analysis regarding this match. Furthermore, I’ll also put in place a simple table that will compare the odds from the best CSGO betting sites, so make sure you bet on the best odds possible.

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Heroic vs forZe Prediction


Since both teams played a total of 3 matches so far on this CSGO event, we’ll have an excellent insight into both teams’ playstyle and form.

Let’s start with Heroic. In their opener, they had nothing to offer against Na’Vi. Danish CSGO roster was bested on Inferno and Nuke quite comfortably.

After that, they were matched against the worst team in this event, EHOME. Once again we’ve seen Inferno and Nuke being played. This time around, Heroic won 16-4 and 16-1.

In their last match, Heroic had to battle against Natus Vincere once again. This time around, they stepped up on Nuke but they had barely anything to offer on Inferno and Train.

As for forZe. They had a tough start against EG. I still don’t know how did they lose Mirage, but that rocked their confidence as EG left them with 4 rounds on Inferno.

Now that forZe was demoted to the lower bracket, they had it easy against Virtus.pro. After playing Train to a perfection, forZe lost their map pick, Inferno. Keep in mind that forZe once again lost a huge 12-3 lead. In the end, forZe clutched things out on Vertigo.

Once again, we’ve seen a rematch. This time around, forZe mixed things up with a Nuke pick. Truth be told, I didn’t go right for them as they won 6 rounds on their pick. Somehow, they left EG with 1 round to their name on Mirage. Eventually, they closed things out on Inferno with a 16-10 victory.

Heroic vs forZe Betting – Best Odds

If you want to be successful at CSGO betting, you should always put your money in the strongest position possible. This means that you should look for the best odds on the market. For this Heroic vs forZe prediction, I’ll present you with a simple table that will greatly benefit you so don’t miss out.

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Map Pool & Possible Veto

Predicting a successful map veto for my Heroic vs forZe prediction could be tricky, so let’s start with the basics.

We all know that Dust 2 is a no-go for Heroic so far in EPICENTER 2019. On the other hand, forZe also tends to ban Dust 2. This will leave us with a weird format. Alongside Dust 2, Heroic could ban Train while Vertigo is also a great ban for forZe.

As for the other maps, this is how I think it will turn out. Heroic is a solid team on Overpass and I believe that this is one of the best maps for them. On the other hand, the Russian CSGO squad never established themselves as a team that is comfortable playing Overpass.

Train is a map where I’m siding with forZe. They’re a much better team on this map and if Heroic doesn’t ban this map, they won’t have a lot of chances to actually win it.

Nuke, however, is a coinflip. Both teams are rock solid on this map. Not much more to say about this map. However, forZe did lose this map twice in the last 3 days, so I’m leaning towards Heroic here. But still, it’s a 50-50 map.

Inferno has forZe written all over it. I believe that they’ll pick this map and that Heroic won’t stand a chance. Danish roster looked poor on this map against Na’Vi while forZe got the better of EG on Inferno yesterday.

Lastly, we’re left with Mirage. Even though Heroic tends to avoid this map, they’re not that bad on it. On the other hand, forZe crushed EG here leaving them with 1 round to their name. Prior to that, they acquired solid results against other top teams.

Heroic vs forZe Prediction – Summary

Form-wise, I’m not that impressed with both teams. Heroic didn’t have a chance against Na’Vi while forZe looked average, especially on their last two matches.

I believe that this Heroic vs forZe betting prediction is an excellent bet because of the map pool. Both teams will get a very comfortable pick for themselves and we all know that this can only lead to one thing.

To summarize this Heroic vs forZe betting prediction. If Heroic go for either Overpass or Vertigo pick, they should have a free map. The same can be said about forZe. Russian roster should look to play either Inferno, Train or even Dust 2.

All in all, these are all comfortable picks for either Heroic or forZe. I strongly believe that we’re going to see a decider in this match and this is what I’m betting on.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.90
Where to Bet: Betway
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