G2 vs Navi Betting Prediction – IEM Katowice 2020

G2 vs Navi Betting Prediction – IEM Katowice 2020

After eventful semifinals here on IEM Katowice 2020, the stage is set for the grand final. We’re presenting you with our G2 vs Navi betting prediction, so don’t miss out.

In this piece, you’ll be able to find the best CSGO betting sites, current form and possible map veto.

G2 vs Navi Betting Prediction

Since this is the final match, we’ll have an excellent insight into both teams’ current form and playstyle.


Let’s start with G2. So far, French CSGO roster is undefeated and it seems like they’re not planning to stop anytime soon. Victories against 100 Thieves, mousesports and Liquid sealed them a spot in the semifinals.

Even though their match against fnatic was a brawl, G2 definitely deserved to win this match. Despite being shaky on Dust 2, G2 looked solid on both Inferno and Train.

Navi, however, had to fight their way through the lower bracket after suffering a defeat to fnatic. They bested Nip and FaZe and sealed their ticket for the quarterfinals. Both Liquid and Astralis didn’t have anything to offer against s1mple and his squad as they were both left without a fighting chance.

G2 vs Navi Betting – Where to Bet on This Match?

There are a lot of CSGO betting sites that will provide odds for our G2 vs Navi betting prediction. However, there are only a handful of sites that will actually provide you with the full package regarding CSGO betting which includes competitive odds, excellent promotions, various special bets and deposit methods.

You can find our recommendations below.

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Map Pool & Possible Veto

Since this is a best of 5 series, we shouldn’t have a problem predicting a successful map veto for this G2 vs Navi betting prediction.

Let’s start with permabans. Vertigo is a no-go for Navi and they’ll definitely ban this map. On the other hand, G2 won’t allow Overpass in the map pool.

Dust 2 is a coinflip in our opinion. Both teams looked good on this map in their last couple of outings. However, G2 did lose Dust 2 to both mousesports and fnatic hence why we’re giving Navi an advantage on this map.

Mirage is a very solid map pick for G2. Navi never showed much on this map while G2 didn’t have any problems defeating 100 Thieves(16-3).

Inferno should be a one-way street. On paper, Navi looked alright on this map, but if you take a closer look at their Inferno matches, you’ll find a lot of holes in their games. Furthermore, their last two victories on this map saw all 30 rounds being played(16-14 victories).

Nuke is another map where we’re siding with G2. Navi’s victory against Astralis on this map was a fluke and there is no way they can perform like that two times in a row. G2 is more than solid on this map.

Train is a complete coinflip. Both teams didn’t play this map a lot so we don’t know what to expect here.

G2 vs Navi Betting Prediction Summary

Form-wise, both teams are at their peak. Navi completely outclassed Astralis while G2 got the better of fnatic.

As for the map pool. We’re slightly leaning towards G2 in this one. Even though all 5 maps could be played, we believe that G2 has what it takes to defeat Navi on Nuke, Inferno and Mirage. On top of that, they aren’t bad on Dust 2 either.

All in all, this G2 vs Navi betting prediction is simple. Odds on G2 to defeat Navi are way too good. LOOT.bet is providing the highest odds for our prediction hence why we’d recommend you place your bets there.

Watch the match here.

Prediction: G2 to win
Highest Odds: 2.70
Betting Site: LOOT.bet


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