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In this ESL betting guide, you’ll find all there is about the most popular series of CSGO tournaments. We’ll start things off with the best CSGO ESL betting sites, predictions for the upcoming events, bonuses, betting markets and so much more. If you want to learn more about ESL CSGO betting, don’t miss out on this piece.

CSGO ESL Betting Sites

When it comes to ESL betting, it is crucial for you to place wagers with the best CSGO match betting sites. You’re definitely wondering why should our list be trusted, right? First and foremost, we bet ourselves, and this list is strictly based on our personal reviews and our experience with the sites, unlike many others that you’ll find online. We’ll touch base on this below, but first, here’s the list.

CSGO ESL Betting Sites

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Welcome Bonus:
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There are several key factors that we take into account. ESL CSGO odds are by far the most important. On top of that, sites we recommend are easy to use, they are supported on both mobile devices and PCs. We also took into account CSGO live betting and made sure that all of the sites from the list offer that type of betting. Lastly, payment methods are also important. Some punters prefer betting with Neteller, while others like BitCoin, ecoPayz, credit cards, Skrill, etc.

ESL Betting Predictions

ESL Pro League is the most popular CSGO league to bet on. Only the best teams from all over the globe compete here and the event is getting more competitive every year. This is why we take ESL CSGO betting seriously as we cover every match and provide league and tournament previews.

Given the fact that these events aren’t played often, come back once the event starts and find our ESL betting predictions.

ESL CSGO Schedule For 2021

When we talked about ESL betting predictions, we already mentioned that ESL CSGO tournaments aren’t played that often. To give you a better understanding of that, we’ll hook you up with the ESL CSGO schedule for 2021. Bear in mind that due to the COVID pandemic, there aren’t many ESL tournaments played this year.

  • ESL One Cologne 2021(July 6th – July 18th) – CSGO MAJOR
  • ESL Pro League Season 14(September 8th – October 10th) – LEAGUE

*unlike DreamHack CSGO events, ESL is sticking with two most popular ones for 2021!

ESL CSGO Livestream(Twitch, YouTube, Facebook)

Did you know that ESL was one of the first tournaments that branched out to other streaming platforms like Facebook and YouTube? Even though they signed a huge deal with Facebook for the broadcast rights, twitch is still by far the most popular platform where esports enthusiasts can join and watch the best CSGO teams compete for money and fame. Here are the ESL CSGO livestreams for every platform available:

ESL Betting Bonus

Let’s face it, we all like free money and ESL betting bonuses are the perfect example of that. However, don’t go crazy by claiming every promotion on the market as this is a way to tilt yourself and lose both bonus funds and your initial deposit. This is why we urge you to go through the terms and conditions and see for yourself how big are the wagering requirements for the CSGO bonus you want to claim. Luckily for you, we’ll hook you up with a couple of trusted ESL betting bonuses you can claim below.

ESL Betting Bonuses
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Bonus Code
*New customers only. 100% match bonus up to 30€ granted in free bets.
T&Cs Apply

ESL CSGO Betting Markets

Now that we took care of important things regarding ESL CSGO betting, it is also important to talk about CSGO special bets that come with these matches. Since this is by far the most popular event and league right now, you’ll find over 50 betting markets for yourself.

It’s also important to mention that outright betting is very good for ESL Pro League as you can place bets on which team is going to win their group, who will advance through to the playoffs and so much more. By doing the research, you can easily profit from ESL betting. However, let’s move on to the most popular betting markets for ESL CSGO matches. For more information about these props, refer to the CSGO special bets article.

  • Pistol Round Winner
  • Round Handicap
  • Total Maps Played(Over/Under)
  • Correct Score
  • Total Rounds Played(Over/Under)

What Should You Know About ESL CSGO

If you’re still new to ESL and CSGO esports in general, there is only one important thing you need to understand. Worry not, we’ll explain everything so you won’t have any problems catching up. Basically, ESL as an organization is split into two events: ESL One and ESL Pro League.


These types of events are played several times throughout the year. If you’re a hardcore CSGO fan, then you’ve must have heard about ESL One Cologne which is also labeled as the cathedral of CSGO. Basically, ESL One has a tournament format where top teams compete throughout the group stage and the playoffs. Usually, these events don’t last long and they’re finished within 10 days.

ESL Pro League

Moving on to the more entertaining part of ESL. 24 teams are split into groups where they play that league style(teams play against everyone from their group). Usually, 24 teams are split into 4 groups of 6 where the top three teams qualify for the later stages of the event. When it comes to ESL CSGO betting, this event is very popular for wagering.

ESL History

Electronic Sports League or so-called ESL was founded back in 2000 in Germany. In the beginning, it was known as Deutsche ClanLiga. It’s also important to mention that ESL wasn’t just a league, it was also a magazine. Alongside CSGO, ESL offers tournaments and leagues for 50 different games.

So far in their endevours, ESL hosted tournaments all over the globe. After you realize that there are 636 employees in this company, it is easy to understand that this is a giant in the esports industry. So far, 23 ESL One and ESL Pro Leagues have been hosted. CSGO ESL winners can be found below.

CSGO ESL Winners

As promised, here you’ll find ESL CSGO winners throughout the years. We’ll start things off with ESL Pro League and then move on to the ESL One events.

ESL Pro League Winners

ESL Pro League Season 1Fnatic
ESL Pro League Season 2Fnatic
ESL Pro League Season 3Luminosity Gaming
ESL Pro League Season 4Cloud9
ESL Pro League Season 5G2 Esports
ESL Pro League Season 6SK Gaming
ESL Pro League Season 7Astralis
ESL Pro League Season 8Astralis
ESL Pro League Season 9Team Liquid
ESL Pro League Season 10mousesports
ESL Pro League Season 14TBD

ESL One Winners

ESL One: Cologne 2014Ninjas in Pyjamas
ESL One: Katowice 2015Fnatic
ESL One: Cologne 2015Fnatic
ESL One: Cologne 2016SK Gaming
ESL One: New York 2016Natus Vincere
ESL One: Cologne 2017SK Gaming
ESL One: New York 2017FaZe Clan
ESL One: Belo Horizonte 2018FaZe Clan
ESL One: Cologne 2018Natus Vincere
ESL One: New York 2018mousesports
ESL One: Cologne 2019Team Liquid
ESL One: New York 2019Evil Geniuses
ESL One: Cologne 2021TBD

ESL CSGO Betting Tips

Shall we wrap this one with juicy ESL CSGO betting tips that will help you make money while betting on these events? Without further ado, here is a list of things to follow in order to increase your winning chances and end up in profit while ESL betting.

  1. Check the two lists above and notice that only the best teams win these events. Don’t go underdog hunting!
  2. Manage your bankroll and set unit sizes for your bets.
  3. Don’t be afraid to shop for the highest odds on the market, spread your bankroll throughout several betting sites.
  4. Due your due dilligence and actually research the matches you want to bet on.
  5. CSGO live betting is an excellent way to earn money when betting, but you have to know the game works in great detail.