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If you’re a hardcore esports fan, then you’ve probably heard or seen something about DreamHack. However, if you’re still new to the esports scene, especially CSGO, then the series of DreamHack tournaments could be hard to understand. In this piece, you’ll find out where to bet on DreamHack CSGO tournaments, upcoming schedule, special promotions that come with this event, and much regarding DreamHack CSGO betting. Let’s get straight into it.

What is DreamHack CSGO?

DreamHack kickstarted back in 1990 as schoolmates met in the basement of elementary school in Malung, Sweden. A couple of years after, 1994 to be more precise, it was moved to the school cafeteria where gamers held their meetings and played video games. As time went by, more and more DreamHack tournaments were held in Sweden.

In the newer history of DreamHack CSGO tournaments, we have seen this production visit various countries like Canada, France, Romania, Spain, England, Germany, USA, etc. This in itself tells you how popular these events are. To make things even better, DreamHack CSGO betting is also very popular since it adds that engagement touch to the game, but we’ll touch base on this below.

Where to Bet on DreamHack CSGO Tournaments

Given the fact that DreamHack CSGO betting is high in demand, a lot of CSGO match betting sites will provide CSGO odds for DreamHack matches. However, you shouldn’t sign up for an account with the first operator you run into. Take your time and scan through the terms and conditions, see how many CSGO special bets are available, and find out which payment methods are available. Bear in mind that some people will look for CSGO betting with Bitcoin, while others betting on CSGO with Neteller or ecoPayz.

In the end, the choice is yours. If you don’t want to do the scouting yourself, here’s a list of DreamHack CSGO betting sites.

DreamHack CSGO Betting Sites

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DreamHack CSGO Betting Markets

A couple of years ago, DreamHack CSGO betting only had one betting market, that being match-winner. In today’s day and age, betting sites will easily provide 20+ CSGO special bets per match. Since DreamHack is very popular, don’t be surprised if you find even more. Below, you’ll find a list of betting markets that commonly used when placing DreamHack bets.

  1. Total Maps Played(Over/Under) – from our experience, this is by far the most popular DreamHack betting market out there. Basically, you’re betting on how many maps there are going to be played. Keep in mind that this bet is only available for the best of 3 and the best of 5 matches.
  2. Total Rounds Played(Over/Under) – unlike total maps played, this betting market is available for every map played. This time around, you’re betting on the number of rounds that are going to be played in the match. Don’t forget that 16 is the minimum number of rounds that are played on one CSGO map.
  3. Round Handicap – by doing the research, you can easily find round handicap bets that will put you in profit. From our standpoint, this DreamHack betting market should be used more as it gives you a wider range to land your bet. If you’re not familiar with this betting market, we explained round handicap in CSGO.
  4. Pistol Winner – if you don’t know much about CSGO basics, you should at least know that the 1st and 16th round of competitive match starts with a pistol round. Usually, betting sites will offer coinflip odds on this betting market(1.90/1.90). Bear in mind that this bet isn’t available for CSGO live betting.
  5. Correct Map Score – this betting market comes with stacked odds. However, it can be hard to hit, especially if you bet on it during best of 5 matches. You have to predict which team is going to win and how will the end result in maps look like. If you like hunting for very high odds, this is a perfect betting market for you.

Facts You Didn’t Know About DreamHack CSGO Tournaments

Since DreamHack is one of the oldest esports promotions on the planet, there is a lot of facts you probably didn’t know about. Let’s get straight to the most interesting part of this article.

  • DreamHack was founded in 1994 which makes it the oldest esports promotion in the world
  • The organization itself has 44 employees and over 400 volunteers
  • DreamHack holds a Guinness World Record for the biggest ever LAN party
  • At the time of writing, 88 DreamHack CSGO tournaments were held with over $7 million dished out in prize money
  • Swedish CSGO roster, fnatic won most DreamHack trophies, 8 in total
  • DreamHack Las Vegas 2017 had the biggest prize pool of $450,000
Swedish fnatic lifted 8 DreamHack trophies

Upcoming DreamHack Tournaments & Schedule For 2021

There is no denying that DreamHack is a powerhouse and an extremely popular promotion not only for CSGO but for other esports as well. Since this site is strictly focused on CSGO, here is a list of upcoming DreamHack events you can bet on in 2021.

  • DreamHack Masters Spring 2021(April 29th – May 9th)
  • DreamHack Open June 2021 Asia(June 3oth – July 4th)
  • DreamHack Open June 2021 North America(June 30th – July 4th)
  • DreamHack Open September 2021 South America(September 8th – September 12th)
  • DreamHack Open September 2021 North America(September 8th – September 12th)
  • DreamHack Open October 2021 Oceania(October 13th – October 17th)
  • DreamHack Open October 2021 Europe(October 13th – October 17th)
  • DreamHack Open Atlanta 2021(November 12th – November 14th)
  • DreamHack Open Winter 2021(November 26th – November 28th)

Where to Watch DreamHack Tournaments?

In order to watch DreamHack tournaments, we’d advise you to visit DreamHack’s twitch channel and watch the event there. If you prefer something else, you’ll be glad to hear that events are also streamed on YouTube. As for the news and updates, you can always visit the official DreamHack site where you can find upcoming events, news, teams attending and much more.

DreamHack Bonuses & Promotions

Let’s face it, we’re all interested in solid CSGO bonuses. If you enjoy DreamHack CSGO betting, you’ll be glad to hear that operators such as LOOT.bet, Betway and GG.bet put in place exclusive deals specifically tailored for DreamHack events.

Meanwhile, here is a list of bonuses and bonus codes you can use to claim free bets, deposit bonuses or cashbacks so don’t miss out on the chance to grab free money.

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DreamHack CSGO Teams

Prior to COVID pandemic, top teams from all over the globe competed in DreamHack CSGO tournaments. As you can see from the schedule above, this won’t be the case now. We’re going to see regional teams qualify and compete against the best teams from their region.

There is a positive side to this as well. Betting on DreamHack CSGO won’t be hard now since there is going to be a huge gap between teams on the regional scene. This is by far the best way for you to make money while betting on DreamHack CSGO.

These events usually come with a high number of teams attending. For instance, the upcoming Masters will see 16 teams battle it out. Alongside top contenders like Astralis, Gambit, Heroic, Natus Vincere, Vitality, FURIA, etc. we’ll also see teams like paiN, Fiend, Spirit. You can clearly see where we’re going with this. Do the research and you’ll easily profit from betting on DreamHack events.

DreamHack CSGO Betting Tips

Shall we wrap this guide with a couple of useful CSGO betting tips that will go a long way not only for your bets, but for your bankroll as well? Let’s jump straight to it. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to join our Discord channel where you can discuss CSGO betting with others fans.

  1. Manage your bankroll and don’t bet more than you can afford to lose
  2. Utilize CSGO betting markets as they give you a wider range of options
  3. CSGO bonuses can easily double your starting bankroll, take advantage of that
  4. Odds represent value. The higher the odds, the bigger the return on your wagers
  5. There is a huge skill gap between teams on DreamHack tournaments, use that to your advantage