CSGO Update 03.28.2019.

CSGO Update 03.28.2019.

Valve has just released a new CSGO update(03.28.2019) and it literally gives us vertigo. No one still believes but Vertigo is now in active duty maps and Cache is moved into reserve group.

Vertigo In Active Duty Group

Some minor changes were made on this map and if you did not, you should try it. It is actually an interesting map for casual mode, but I don’t think this map has a future in Active Duty Group. We can’t be sure did Valve only removed Cache to make changes on it and then return it back later but one thing is for sure, Vertigo is now in active duty maps and it would bring a great impact on the professional scene. However, this change won’t affect the current StarSeries i-League Season 7.

Anyway, Vertigo would be played in the upcoming tournaments. What does this mean for the professional scene? So far, Astralis was unstoppable and this update only made them stronger. Their permanent ban was Cache and now that map is out. It would be interesting to see which map would be Astralise’s permaban now.  

New CSGO Update 03.28.2019. – Release Notes

Alongside with the map change, there are some minor changes added to the game too. A new sticker capsule Feral Predators is now available for purchase. There is also a new music kit called EZ4ENCE. Ence won the hearts of many fans after their outstanding performance on IEM Katowice 2019 and if someone deserved their own music kit, it was ENCE.

There are also some fixes in gameplay. You won’t be able to pick up weapons through walls or doors anymore, you would need a clear line of sight in order to do that. The same thing with grenades, they can’t go through closed doors anymore, so that bug is finally fixed. To save your precious time, let us conclude this article. This is everything important from this update, I don’t think there is anything else worth mentioning from this New CSGO Update (03.28.2019).


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