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In today’s betting market, CSGO special bets are a necessity. Match-winner bet isn’t enough anymore. Best CSGO betting sites put in place 20+ special bets per match. Some of those are easy to understand while others are complicated. Worry not, in this piece, you’ll find all you need to know about CSGO handicap betting & much more so don’t miss out.

Betting Sites That Offer Wide Range of CSGO Special Bets

As promised, I’ll hook you up with a list of betting sites that offer a wide range of CSGO special bets. Speaking from experience, these operators will provide everything you need to make betting on CSGO more interesting.

CSGO Betting Sites That Offer Wide Range of CSGO Special Bets

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What Are CSGO Special Bets?

CSGO special bets are explained as additional bets that can be placed on a match. For instance, match-winner is a standard bet while a correct score, round handicap CSGO, map handicap, etc. are labeled as special bets.

To summarize, CSGO special bets offer a chance to spice things up and bet on something else rather than on a match-winner. Operators are offering more and more specials every single day. From my personal experience, some of the best CSGO betting sites will offer from 20+ CSGO special bets up to 110.

Popular CSGO Special Bets

Out of all CSGO special bets that are available to us, only a handful of them is actually popular. Not a lot of punters bets on odd/even number of rounds or race to rounds. This is why I decided to breakdown the most popular special bets. If you’re new to the betting scene, you’ll find this section of the article very useful. It will explain how CSGO handicap betting works and much more. Let’s get straight into it.

CSGO Handicap Betting Explained(Round Betting)

The odds on heavy favorites to win are often too low hence why betting on them to win the match isn’t an option. This is where handicap CSGO betting comes in handy. There are 2 types of handicap betting, round handicap and map handicap. CSGO handicap betting is a term used to cover the round/map difference. The best way to explain it is through example.

Handicap CSGO example: Let’s say that Team A is playing against Team B. Team A is the favorite to win the match and team B is the underdog. If Team A is the favorite and the round handicap on them is -4,5 that means that the match is starting with the result of 0 – 4,5 in favor of underdogs. To win, Team A has to win at least 16-11 to cover the -4,5(in this case 5 rounds) difference. If the match finishes 16-12 it will count as a victory for Team B. The odds on handicap betting are usually a lot higher than the odds on regular victory.

*If there’s a -(minus) added to the map/round handicap, you have to deduct the rounds for the team. Contrary to that, if there’s a +(plus) next to the number, you add the number of rounds to the team which means that they can lose the match, but they have to cover the difference you’re betting on.

CSGO Map Handicap Explained

Map handicap CSGO is similar to rounds handicap in CSGO. This CSGO special bet is used in Bo3 and Bo5 matches. Instead of rounds, map handicap CSGO counts for the entire series(either BO3 or BO5). Map handicap CSGO can either be -1.5 or -2.5.

Map handicap CSGO example: if you bet on a team A to win with a -1.5 map handicap CSGO, that means they have to win that match with at least 1.5 map difference. If we’re talking about a BO3 match, they have to win it 2-0 while if it is a Bo5 match, 3-1 is enough. Contrary to that, if you place a bet on team B and map handicap CSGO is +1.5, this means that the team you’re betting on needs to win one map in the BO3 series or 2 maps in the BO5 series.

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Total Maps/Rounds Played(Over & Under) Explained

Alongside handicap CSGO betting, this is the most common CSGO special bet. As the title says, total maps/round played is a bet based around numbers. Most sites don’t offer the whole number, so keep that in mind while placing this type of bet. Find out how this bet works in the example down below.

Total number of rounds/maps played example: team A is playing against Team B. Both teams are equally strong and you know that it will be a close match. The margins are set at 26,5. Over and under are the only options available(26,5). If you bet on more rounds, the match has to finish 16-11 in favor of any team. Why is that? 16+11= 27 which is more than 26,5. But, if you bet that this match will end up with under 26,5 rounds played, the maximum amount of rounds that can be played in order for you to win your bet is 26 since this is the first lowest number(27 would go over the 26,5 margin).

Betting on the number of maps is similar. It can only be used in Bo3 and Bo5 matches. You’re expecting a hard-fought match between two teams? Place a safe bet on all three maps being played which is labeled as “over 2.5 maps played”. Each team has to win at least 1 map in order for you to win your bet. The best way to bet on this special bet is to find teams with different map pools. In this scenario, each team has to win its own map pick. By researching CSGO predictions, you can find gaps in BO3 matches and abuse this CSGO special bet.

Correct Score Explained

If you’re not a fan of round handicap CSGO, then the correct score is definitely the best alternative to counter the low odds on favorites. Correct score is explained as the prediction on who will win all the maps in the series. That said, correct score bet can’t be used in the best of 1 format.

Correct score example: Odds on Team A to defeat Team B are very low. The match is played in the best of 3 format and you believe that Team A can win both maps. In this case, you’ll be placing a correct score 2-0 bet on Team A which comes with the higher odds.

Tournament Outright Betting

This type of bet is both entertaining and bankroll friendly. This bet is placed before the tournament starts. There are variations to this bet such as “team to win the tournament”, “team to reach the finals”, “team to reach semi-finals”, etc. Odds are very high, but, it’s hard to land this bet.

If you bet on a team to win a tournament, you’re rewarded with high odds, and with high risk. Cheering for your favorite to win the event is great, but placing money on them to go all the way is even better. Why not throw a couple of dollars on your cherished team?

Tournament outright betting example: Let’s say that your favorite team is FaZe. At the moment, odds on them to go all the way and win ESL One Cologne are 17.00. You know that they’re in a bad form, but they can defeat anyone. By placing a $50 bet on FaZe, you can enjoy the entire event and bank yourself $800 if FaZe delivers.

Pistol Round Winner

On paper, this seems like a 50%-50% bet, but it’s not. Once again I’m ranting about research. Certain teams are putting in a lot of effort in pistol rounds. In my eyes, if someone puts in the work, they’re often rewarded. By scanning through the percentages, you’ll notice that certain teams have over 65% pistol round wins. Best CSGO betting sites, on the other hand, will offer the same odds(1.90 – 1.90) on this special bet. There’s a lot of value in this bet.

HLTV.org will provide excellent statistics for this CSGO special bet which will enable you to profit from CSGO betting.

Final Thoughts on CSGO Special Bets

CSGO special bets such as round handicap CSGO, map handicap, correct score, total number of rounds/maps played are a great way to increase your winning chances. Straight match winner bet isn’t the only thing that you should bet on as this will lead you nowhere.

To use special bets, I’d advise you to do the research and find out which bet fits the best for the research you’ve done. Now that I’ve provided you with CSGO betting tips, the ball is in your court now, so go ahead and get the most out of your bets.

What is Round Handicap CSGO?

Round Handicap in CSGO is a special bet used to even out the odds. Favorites are labeled with a (minus) which means that they’re starting with a deficit, while underdogs have a +(plus) next to their name which means that they’re starting with a lead. In most scenarios, round handicap in CSGO is labeled in decimal numbers.

Should You Place Money on Special Bets in CSGO?

CSGO special bets provide an excellent alternative to old-fashioned match winner bet. Most operators will provide over 30 various special bets which means that you can find a lot of value to place your money on.