If you are a newbie to CSGO special bets, you came to the right place. We here at CSGO-Tips will explain every special bet and make it simple for you. Regular pre-match betting can be boring and the odds are just too low to bet on it. Fortunately, some CSGO Bookmakers brought CSGO betting on another level with their special bets offer. Stay tuned and read everything you need to know about CSGO special bets, and where to place those bets.

Where to place CSGO Special Bets?

Truth to be told, a lot of bookmakers offer special bets nowadays. However, we will try to pick top 3 based on a variety of their markets and odds on special bets.

GG.Bet – Best Coverage

First on the list is GG.Bet. This bookmaker offers the best coverage of special bets on CSGO. You can bet on pretty much anything. If you’re unsure about GG.Bet and you want to find more information before you sign up for an account with this CSGO betting site, make sure you read our GG.Bet review.

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Buff.bet – Best Odds

This site offers the best odds on CSGO special bets. Special bets coverage on this site is pretty decent too. You can also find more information about BUFF.Bet by reading our BUFF.Bet review here!!!

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 Betway – Unique Bets

Betway offers unique bets that other sites do not have. This is a trusted site and you should not have any problems with them. If you want to find more information about this site, make sure to read our in-depth review here!!!

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Types of special bets:

Tournament Outright Betting

This type of bet is both amusing and dangerous. You place your bet before the tournament starts. You can bet on a team to win the tournament, to reach the finals, semi-finals, etc… The odds are good but it is dangerous. If you bet on a team to win a tournament, it is enough for them to lose a single match in playoffs and your bet is lost. However, if you are a fan of some team, it is better to place a single low pre-tournament bet on them than bet on them on every single match. My suggestion is to avoid betting on your favourite team completely, but let’s be honest, no one can do that. It is more interesting to watch a match if you know you can win some money after it.

CSGO Handicap Betting:

The odds on a favourite team are usually too low to bet on them. This is where handicap betting comes in handy. There are 2 types of handicap betting, round handicap and map handicap.

Round handicap is mostly used in Bo1 matches. The best way to explain it is through example. Let’s say there are Team A and Team B. Team A is a favourite to win the match and team B is the underdog in this match. If a Team A is a favourite and the round handicap on them is -4,5 that basically means that the match is starting with the result of 0-4,5 in favour of underdogs. The starting result is Team A 0 – 4,5 Team B. In order to win, Team A has to win this match at least 16-11 (11+4,5 = 15,50). If the match finishes 16-12 it will count as a victory for Team B. The odds on handicap betting are usually a lot of higher than the odds on regular victory. The higher the handicap, the higher the odds.

Map handicap is similar to round handicap. It is used in Bo3 and Bo5 matches. Instead of rounds, a handicap is counted on maps. So the handicaps can be -1,5 and -2,5. If you bet on a team A to win with a -1,5 handicap, that means they have to win that match with 1,5 map difference. If it is a Bo3 match, they have to win it 2-0 while if it is a Bo5 match, 3-1 is enough.

The number of Rounds/Maps:

Betting on a number of rounds is usually used in Bo1 matches. However, you can use it in both Bo3 and Bo5 matches but you will have to pick a map. How does it work? Let’s take an example. Team A is playing against Team B. Both teams are equally strong and you know that it will be a close match. The margins are set on 26,5. You can bet on more or fewer rounds than 26,5. If you bet on more rounds, the match has to finish 16-11 for any team. Why is that? 16+11= 27 which is more than 26,5, simple as that.

Betting on a number of maps is similar. It is used in Bo3 and Bo5 matches. Let’s take another example. If you know it will be a close match, you can bet that there will be more than 2,5 maps. Each team has to win at least 1 map in order for you to win your bet. The best way to bet on this is to find teams with different map pools. In this scenario, each team has to win its own map of choice and it is easier to win if the other team is bad on that map.

Map Winner Betting:

Bet on a team to win a certain map. Map pool knowledge is also needed here. However, if you do not know what map will be played, don’t use this bet.

Kills/HS %/ Rating of the player in the team Betting:

This is pre-tournament betting. You try to predict which player from the team will have the best headshot percentage, who will have the most kills or the best ration on the tournament. This is actually really easy to predict. You know who is the best fragger in the team, you know who has the best HS percentage and who will be the best at the end. It is not nuclear physics, check the stats and place your bets. One of our betting tipsters even won $50,000 while betting only on this. Read more about it here. This type of bets can be found on Betway.

Odd/Even – Kills/Rounds/Maps

I would not recommend this type of bets at all. This is a 50%-50% bet and the odds are usually set on 1,95. You try to predict will the total number of kills, rounds or maps be even or odd at the end of the match. This is pure luck and nothing else. I never bet on anything like this and I suggest you skip it too.

Correct Score

Betting on the correct score in the counter strike is nonsense. It is almost impossible to predict the exact score in rounds. However, betting on the correct score in maps is similar to handicap betting so you can just use handicap betting instead of this.

Pistol round winner

Although it seems that this bet is also 50% – 50%, it is not. Some teams have a higher pistol round percentage and they are really good at it. Check the statistics on HLTV before placing your bet on this.

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