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CSGO live betting gives you an opportunity to make serious money. Don’t be mistaken, it’s in no form or shapes easy to make money while betting on live CSGO matches. To give you a general idea of how to stand a chance against operators, I decided to prepare this CSGO live betting guide where you’ll find important information on where to place your in-play bets and what tricks did I use to profit from this type of CSGO betting.

Understanding What is CSGO Live Betting

Unlike pre-match betting where you place your bets before the match starts, CSGO live betting is a label used for wagering during the match. Certain CSGO betting sites will use the term “in-play betting”. Just like every betting market out there, CSGO live bets are also a subject to critics. Some say that this method of betting is by far the most profitable one while others believe that CSGO live bets are just a waste of money. Below, you can find pros & cons regarding live betting on CSGO.


  1. You’ve got an advantage over betting sites
  2. Chance to make serious money
  3. Operators are slow when correcting CSGO live odds


  1. Game knowledge is necessary for this type of betting
  2. You’ll have to use fast payment methods like Bitcoin, eWallets, or credit cards
  3. You can easily get caught up in the moment and lose money

Best CSGO Live Betting Sites

CSGO live betting is a tough nut to crack. You’re not helping yourself by placing CSGO live bets with operators that offer poor coverage, low odds, and slow payment methods. Don’t do yourself like that and start placing bets at the best CSGO live betting sites. Find the ones I recommend below.

List of CSGO Live Betting Sites

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csgo live betting at ggbet

There is a reason why I ranked GG.bet as the best place for CSGO live bets. The coverage here is excellent. On top of that, you will also enjoy one of the highest odds on the market. GG.bet also offers a wide range of CSGO special bets dedicated to live betting like round betting and half-winner.

You’ll also find fast and swift deposits here. Methods like cryptocurrencies, Skrill, Neteller, VISA, and MasterCard are all available. All in all, you’re getting everything you need with GG.bet. One of the best things about GG.bet is that they’ll allow minimum deposits of 1โ‚ฌ which means you can test things out for a low sum. Let me not forget to mention the fact that live stream is available on site.

Exclusive welcome promotion at GG.bet: 100% up to 100โ‚ฌ with code CSGOTIPS.

*learn more about this betting site by reading my GG.bet review.


place live csgo bets at lootbet

LOOT.bet is definitely an operator that’s going under the radar. Not only will this CSGO betting site offer you everything you need to profit, but they will also offer more rewards for loyal bettors. Here, you’ll find deep coverage of CSGO tournaments that are taking place.

LOOT.bet accepts minimum deposits of 10โ‚ฌ. When it comes to payment methods, LOOT.bet covers cryptos such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, VISA, and MasterCard, and various eWallets like Neteller, Skrill, and ecoPayz. On top of that, you’ll also find live stream for your bets directly on the site.

Current welcome promotion at LOOT.bet: 100% up to 100โ‚ฌ + 35 free spins.

*if you want to learn more about LOOT.bet, don’t miss out on my LOOT.bet review.

3 Essential Tools CSGO Live Betting Sites Must Offer

Let’s be honest, you want to start live betting on CSGO because you want to make money while betting, right? To get the most out of your live bets, there are 3 things CSGO live betting sites must offer in order for you to sign up for an account with them and wager there.

1.) Live Coverage

In order to place CSGO live bets, coverage needs to be on point. Most sites tend to avoid offering live odds on certain matches and not-so-popular tournaments. Speaking from experience, those events should be your go-to live bets as you can analyze them and get a strong read on how the game will end up. To summarize, before you join a betting site, make sure they offer good coverage for CSGO live betting.

2.) High Odds

We all know that odds are playing a huge role when choosing a betting site. Odds represent the value you’re getting from your bets. The higher the odds you place bets on, the bigger the profit. In my CSGO betting odds article, you can find examples to see how much money you’re losing by ignoring the highest odds available to you.

3.) Payment Methods

CSGO live betting takes dedication and time. If you see a perfect live CSGO bet and you’re using Paysafecard or any other “slow” method to fund your account, the only thing you’re left with is anger. One of the best CSGO live betting tips I can share with you is to always use the payment method that allows you to instantly fund your account. Some of these methods are cryptocurrencies, eWallets, bank/credit cards.

CSGO Live Betting Tips – 2 Ways to Profit while Live Betting on CSGO

To be a successful live bettor, you need to understand a couple of things better than the average punter you’ll find online. The most important thing is patience. Wait for the perfect opportunity and place your bets then. If you don’t know when is the right time to place live CSGO bets, I put in place two CSGO live betting tips that will help you win bets.

1.) Favorites Turned Underdogs

When doing the research, more often than not, you’ll encounter a huge favorite that could have a hard time on one map. Betting on that team at low odds is pointless as the risk to reward isn’t great. Why not wait for that map to be finished and see whether the team you want to bet loses the map you predicted they’ll lose.?

All in all, if the team you’re interested in betting goes down 1-0 in maps, you’ll notice that odds are much more rewarding then, and the risk to reward ratio is much better. Keep in mind that this only works if the matches are played in the best of 3 or best of 5 format.

2.) Betting on Round Winner is Insanely Profitable

Before I start talking about round-winner betting in CSGO, it is important to mention that not a lot of operators will provide odds for this CSGO live bet. I can tell you as a fact that GG.bet provides odds for this betting market. On top of that, experience and game knowledge is very important for this type of method to work.

The economy in CSGO is tough to master. This is why teams tend to play one or two rounds without investing in rifles and utility. This is called an eco round. Let’s talk facts. Eco-rounds are barely ever won. Less than 3% of eco-rounds actually turn into a won round for the ecoing team. Another thing about eco-rounds you should know is utility damage. Eco-rounds are often played with stock pistols(Glock or USP-S) and without armor. This means that grenades do a lot more damage to the team that’s ecoing.

At times, betting sites can be slow while adjusting round-winner odds. Tracking this bet requires dedication, patience, a lot of time. However, you will soon find out that this bet is highly profitable, especially if you can successfully predict when will one team opt-in for that eco-round.

CSGO Live Betting Advice

When others share their CSGO live betting advice with you, you’ll mostly find out that they suggest you stick to martingale system or any other popular betting system available online. From my point of view, that will lead you nowhere. I’ve tried various strategies and none worked. This thought me a valuable lesson that I’m going to share with you in the list of CSGO live betting advice below.

  • Bankroll management is important
  • Be patient and analyze matches
  • Find value in your bets and don’t be afraid to pull the trigger
  • Losing is a part of the game, don’t get tilted when losing

Where to Watch CSGO Matches(CSGO Livestream)

There are a lot of ways for you to watch CSGO matches right now. By far the most popular one is twitch.tv. Lately, ESL and BLAST Pro turned towards YouTube CSGO streaming as well. Even though these two platforms are mostly used for watching CSGO matches and other esports, we believe that live betting is most enjoyable when CSGO live stream is watched directly on the betting site you’re betting with.

Yes, you heard it right. Certain betting sites put in place CSGO livestream where you can watch matches, free of charge, of course. From the list of recommended betting sites above, you should know that every single one offers CSGO livestream for free.