Both skins betting industry and CSGO casino gambling have been the most popular way of entertainment among the Esports community members. However, not so long ago, Valve decided to put a stop to it. After the 7-day trade hold update, the majority of popular CSGO casino sites went down and a multi-million dollar industry completely collapsed. If you are one of those fanatics who loved games like coinflip or CSGO crash, stay tuned to this article and find out where to play those games once again.

What is CSGO Casino Gambling?

The first question is, of course, What is exactly CSGO casino gambling? CSGO gambling is similar to any other form of gambling, you can either win or lose money. There are a lot of ways to gamble in CSGO, at least they were. CSGO betting sites in 2020 offer a lot of ways to gamble. You can bet on pretty much any professional match on the scene. There are also a lot of CSGO casino games that are purely based on luck. Let’s take a look at those games.

CSGO Casino Jackpot

This is the most popular way of gambling in CSGO when it comes to skins betting. The way it works is very simple and it works like lotto. A lot of different people deposit their skins into the pool. Each cent of skins worth gives you one ticket. After certain period of time, the site automaticly draws a winning ticket and the winner takes all the skins from the pool (minus the provision which is usually 5-10%). The most popular site for CSGO Jackpot was surely CSGOFAST. The site is still active but it is not what it used to be.

CSGO Roulette

It is similar to the real roulette with some changes. Usually, there is a wheel with 3-5 colours. Each colour multiplies your bet by a certain amount. For example, blue is x2, red is x3 and gold is x15. The colour rarety is based solely on the multiplier. The bigger the multiplier, the rarer the colour and reverse. The most popular site for this kind of betting is CSGO500. If you want to try it out, use code CSGOTIPS and receive free 1000 bux on CSGO500.

CSGO Crash

This way of betting is one of the most entertaining ones for sure. The curve that can be considered as odds is growing exponentially. Your main task is to cash out before the curve crushes. If you know how to play this game smart, you can actually make some money. Both CSGOFAST and CSGO500 have this option on their sites.

CSGO Coinflip

The name says it all. It is a normal coinflip where you have a 50-50% to win or lose and the odds are 2,00. If you are lucky, you can double up your skins, otherwise, you will lose everything. Both sites we mentioned above also offer this game.

CSGO Roll The Dice

You need to roll the dice over or under a certain number. The odds are adjusted by the number you chose. This game can also be found on the sites mentioned above.

CSGO Case Opening

Case opening is similar to the case opening in-game. The only difference is, you have better odds to get good skins on third-party websites. There is also a case opening battle where 2-4 players can open multiple cases and the player that got the most valuable skins wins everything. The site that offers this is DATDROP. Make sure to check it out.

Why Should You Avoid CSGO Skin Gambling Sites?

The answer is simple. In the past, there were a lot of other games and sites but the majority of them is down now. Why is that? This way of gambling is not secure. Every site uses Steam bots so they can store your deposited skins and send skins you want to withdraw to you. The main problem is that Valve can easily ban their bots and your skins will be gone. You all heard that bit-skins recently also went out of business because of that. I would not recommend anyone to bet on those sites anymore, it is just not safe. They allow minors (under 18) to gamble and sooner or later, someone will press charges. I don’t say they actually allow minors to gamble but there is no way they can know how old is someone based on information they get from Steam account. Anyway, I would rather look for some alternatives, better to be safe than sorry.

Alternatives to CSGO Casino Gambling

Speaking of alternatives, what are they exactly? The only alternative to CSGO Casino Gambling is to find a legal way to do the same, to gamble. We all know that trusted licenced Bookmakers never go out of business and you will always be able to withdraw your winnings. Therefore, you should definitely switch to that, I know I did.

Let’s look at our alternatives;

CSGO Match Betting When it comes to CSGO match betting, almost every bookmaker nowadays have that in their offer. Make sure to check our list of best CSGO betting sites in 2020 and don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus. With that being said, let’s try to find out alternatives for other CSGO Casino games.

CSGO Crash There is a game called High Striker on GG.Bet. It is exactly the same as CSGO Crash.

CSGO Roll The Dice GG.Bet also has Roll The Dice in their Insta Games section.

CSGO Coin Flip Once again, GG.Bet has it covered. Their game Head or Tails is the exact version of CSGO Coin Flip games.

CSGO Roullete – To be honest, those who like to play roulette does not really care does it have a CSGO prefix as long as it is a Roullete game. Luckily, Roulette is very popular and it can be found on any CSGO Betting site that has a Casino. Pick a site and place your bets.

Unfortunately, there is no CSGO Jackpot alternative available at the moment.

CSGO Casino Gambling Conclusion

The most important thing you should know is that every third-site party is dangerous to play on. You can never be sure what will happen to your money/skins. Those sites can’t be trusted and I would not recommend anyone to deposit high amounts of money there. I know those games are fun to play but there are a lot of alternatives as I already said. The games are completely identical but at least you know they are transparent and that your money is safe. I could not find CSGO casino games anywhere else but on GG.Bet. However, If I do find them, I will make sure to update this article.

What do you think about CSGO Casino Gambling? Do you prefer CSGO betting sites or real Bookmakers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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