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In this piece, I’ll bring you closer to CSGO Bitcoin betting which offers a simple and easy way of depositing funds and withdrawing your winnings. You’ll also find a list of the best CSGO betting sites that accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies so don’t miss out.

Advantages of CSGO Bitcoin Betting

  1. Fastest payment method
  2. Staying anonymous while playing
  3. The easiest way to deposit and withdraw funds

Disadvantages of CSGO Bitcoin Betting

  1. All scam sites offer Bitcoin(check my list below for trusted operators)
  2. Some sites will charge withdrawal fees
Here’s a list of CSGO betting sites that accept Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies:
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5.0 rating
Welcome Bonus:
100% up to 100€
T&Cs apply.

Creating a Bitcoin Wallet(step-by-step guide)

I’ll split this guide into a couple of steps to make things easier for you. Take note that there are a lot of Bitcoin wallets available. However, I’ll explain how everything works on the most popular one, Coinbase.

  1. Sign-Up for An Account

Starting things off with the easiest step, registering for a Bitcoin wallet. First things first, provide basic information such as e-mail address, name, and password. Take note that you want to create a strong password that includes a mixture of letters, symbols, numbers, and capital letters. Also, don’t forget to read through the terms & conditions.

  1. Validate Your Bitcoin Wallet

Another easy step. In most scenarios, you’ll receive an e-mail where you can activate your account. Using a Google Authenticator is also a way to verify and keep your account safe. It’s also possible to validate your account via a mobile device.

  1. Activating Bitcoin Wallet

This will probably annoy you but it’s how it is. Coinbase and every other Bitcoin wallet out there will request additional personal information. Once you’ve provided them with everything they requested, you’re almost there. The only thing remaining is verifying the information you provided. This is done either by uploading your ID or passport. Don’t worry, you’re very close to start CSGO betting with Bitcoin.

How to Deposit Funds Into Your Bitcoin Account/Wallet

Take note that deposit or withdrawal options may vary for your country. Speaking from experience, credit cards(VISA and MasterCard) and bank wire are globally supported and Coinbase also accepts these methods.

Once you’ve selected your preferred method, you’ll be taken to a form page where certain banking information will be required such as your credit card number, expiry date, name on the card, etc.

It’s also important to mention that Coinbase will deduct a small amount of money in order to verify your account(we’re talking about $2 or less). Coinbase will assign a verification code to this transaction and you’ll have to type that number while confirming your credit card. This process takes roughly around 24 hours.

How to Buy Bitcoin

Now that you’ve set up your profile and verified your payment method, you’re good to go. Once you’ve funded your account, several options and a stuffed screen awaits.

The easiest method is to buy Bitcoin with the amount of money you deposited. For instance, if you deposited $500 into your Coinbase account, you can buy $500 in Bitcoin. If you’re looking for a specific amount of Bitcoin you’re interested in, you can also choose the option to purchase the specific amount of Bitcoin for a certain amount of money.

Once you’ve clicked “buy now”, you’re one step closer to CSGO Bitcoin betting.

How to Deposit & Withdraw With Bitcoin(funding your betting account)

In this section, I’ll talk about how easy and quick it is to deposit and withdraw funds from your account by using Bitcoin.

Honestly, funding your account with Bitcoin is by far the easiest and the fastest method. The only thing that matters is the wallet address. You don’t want to mix those up as you can find yourself in a whole world of trouble. So either copy/paste the address or double-check it. You can also scan the QR code, which will make this process slick, fast and safe.

When it comes to withdrawing, you’ll also have to use your wallet address. Once you’ve copied your wallet address, fill in the fields with the other information such as the amount you want to withdraw, etc. Take note that certain betting sites will charge a withdrawal fee on multiple withdrawals.

Lastly, you can sell Bitcoin that you withdrew and you can request payment in real money which can be sent directly to your credit card that was used to buy Bitcoin with.

*bare in mind that most CSGO Bitcoin betting sites use mBTC as a currency. At the time of writing, 1mBTC = $10,5.

CSGO Bitcoin Betting Sites – What do the Best Sites Offer?

List above will offer a wide range of operators for you to choose from. If you’re interested in my favorites, here’s a quick rundown of sites that I prefer to use while CSGO Bitcoin betting.

If you’re into the CSGO Esports scene, then you’ve probably seen around. This site invested a lot of money into the Esports scene by sponsoring various CSGO teams and tournaments all over the globe. So, how do they match against the competition? offers by far the best Esports and CSGO coverage on the market. Majors, leagues, regional qualifiers and even betting on streamers is accepted here. On top of that, they’ll reward you with competitive odds and 40+ special bets per match.

When it comes to Bitcoin CSGO betting at, you can deposit a minimum of 1€. I believe that everyone should give a try, especially because of the low minimum deposit that will allow you to get an excellent insight into how this site works and what it offers.

GG.BET EXCLUSIVE BONUS: 100% up to 100€ on your first deposit with code CSGOTIPS

This operator has been around for a while now. Alongside Bitcoin, will hook you up with several other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Litecoin. Let’s talk facts. won’t provide you with the absolute best coverage, but the odds here are more than good.

It’s also important to mention that doesn’t charge deposit or withdrawal fees on your Bitcoin transactions. The best thing about is that they offer exclusive promotions for bettors that use Bitcoin and other crypto deposits. If you decide to join in on the action, you can expect free bets, deposit bonuses and a ton of free spins in their Casino.

As of now, a minimum of 7€ in Bitcoin can be deposited to the site. Both deposits and withdrawals are instant.

LOOT.BET WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to 100€ on your first deposit

Alternatives to Bitcoin CSGO Betting

Despite offering a step-by-step guide on how to place your first Bitcoin bet, some bettors will find crypto deposits and withdrawals complicated. Worry not, I’m here to assist you further. Operators from the list above will also offer traditional payment methods that I’ll break down below.

1. Credit Cards

By far the most used payment method. Why do people use it so much? Well, everyone has it, plus deposits and withdrawals are really easy. The biggest advantage of a credit card deposit is instant balance refill while the biggest disadvantage is the amount of time it takes to receive your winnings.

Both VISA and MasterCard are widely accepted and no one will charge deposit nor withdrawal fees if you use credit cards to place CSGO bets.

Top sites that accept credit cards: Betway

2. e-Wallets

You’re probably an owner of either a PayPal, ecoPayz, Skrill or Neteller account. Just like credit cards, e-Wallets are also a common way of funding your account. In most scenarios, deposits and withdrawals are instant. However, certain sites will hold up your winnings for 24 hours which isn’t the case with Bitcoin betting.

From my point of view, making a deposit or withdrawal with e-Wallets is very easy as the only thing you need is an e-mail account associated with your e-Wallet.

*funding your betting account with Skrill could be very costly as they charge a deposit fee and a deposit fee, so bear that in mind.

Top sites that accept e-Wallets: Betway

3. Pre-paid Cards

Despite not being used that often, pre-paid cards are a simple and easy way of transferring funds to your betting account. Keep in mind that you can’t use pre-paid cards to withdraw your winnings. This deposit method is mostly used if you want to stay anonymous while betting.

By far the most popular pre-paid card provider is Paysafecard. My advice for you is to create a wallet there and add Paysafecard codes to your wallet as you’ll allow yourself to use every single penny you spent on a pre-paid card. If not, you can use the code from the pre-paid card directly on the site you’re betting on.

Top sites that accept Pre-paid cards: & Betway

CSGO Betting With Bitcoin Conclusion

There is no denying that CSGO betting with Bitcoin is the future of gambling. Staying anonymous while having the ability to instantly deposit funds to your account and withdraw your winnings is by far the biggest perk of Bitcoin betting.

On the other hand, there are a lot of scam betting sites on the Internet. This is why it would be in your best interest to only bet on sites that are licensed and regulated. On top of that, certain operators will offer special promotions for bettors that fund their accounts with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

Is Bitcoin CSGO Betting Legal?

CSGO betting with Bitcoin is legal. Keep in mind that you only want to fund your account with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on legit sites that are licensed and regulated by a commission.

Are Bitcoin Deposits & Withdrawals Fast and Secure?

Speaking from experience, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are instant. Most betting sites will allow one free withdrawal per week/month. If you go over the limit, they’ll charge you a withdrawal fee while deposits are always free of charge. Bitcoin payments are secure. If you copy/paste the correct wallet address, there isn’t anything that can go wrong.