If you’re an avid CSGO fan and you play the game actively, why not allow yourself a chance to profit as well? If you don’t know much about placing bets, then don’t miss out on this CSGO betting for beginners guide. I’ll provide everything you need in order to start your betting career.

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How to Bet on CSGO

From my point of view, betting on CSGO is easy. Your biggest challenge is selecting a CSGO match betting site that suits you the best, but I’ll touch base on that further in the article.

There are three betting options waiting for you: pre-match betting, live betting and tournament betting. Pre-match betting is the most common option. The term stands for placing bets before the match starts. If you enjoy placing bets during the match, then live betting is the way to go for you. Last but not least, outright/tournament betting is mostly used by fans who want to cheer for their team and allow themselves a chance to cash-in if they win the tournament.

It’s also important to mention that these types of bets come with various special bets to choose from. Ranging from the correct score to round handicap, all the way up to total maps played pistol round winner, and various other options. If you don’t know much about special bets, make sure you go through my CSGO special bets article where I explain the most popular bets.

Where to Bet on CSGO

Now that you’ve learned why types of CSGO bets are available, it’s time to move on to choosing a perfect betting site for yourself. The list below will provide you with several sites that offer the pull package which includes all three betting options(pre-match betting, live betting, and tournament betting). These operators also put in place variety of special bets and various payment methods.

It doesn’t matter if you’re into CSGO Bitcoin betting or you just want to use credit cards, everything is covered. On top of that, eWallets are emerging as an excellent option for many bettors and they’re widely accepted. Bear in mind that these sites also offer several promotions such as free bets and deposit bonuses.

CSGO Betting Sites
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3 Things You MUST Know Before Placing Your First CSGO Bet

If you want to profit while betting on CSGO, then there are some things you simply must know. If you played the game, then you’ll get a grip on things very fast. However, for the ones who never played this game, don’t miss out on the CSGO basics below.

Economy Management

This is by far the most important aspect of the entire game. Keep in mind that economy management is vital for the teams’ success. If you see that a team is broke and the game is tight, you definitely don’t want to bet on the team that’s defending with pistols while attackers have snipers and rifles, right?

Here are the basics that you must know regarding economy in CSGO:

  • There are 5 loss stages in CSGO
  • By continuously losing rounds, the money awarded will look like this: $1,400(losing 1 round), $1,900(losing 2 rounds), $2,400(losing 3 rounds), $2,900(losing 4 rounds), $3,400(losing 5+ rounds)
  • Team that wins the round is rewarded $3,250
  • Rifle + kevlar & helmet for the T-side costs $3,700 | Rifle + kevlar & helmet for the CT-side costs $4,100

Example: Team A is losing 6-1. They were able to win the pistol round, but their economy was reset straight after. However, all of the rounds were close and Team B wasn’t able to establish their economy. Team A is on 5 round losing streak which means that they’re getting $3,400. Keep in mind that Team B’s economy isn’t looking good and they lost the round.

Given the fact that they were on the 5 round win streak, they’re only getting $1,400 for their first loss. This means that they can’t afford guns or snipers in the following round, but they decided to force buy anyway by getting pistols and kevlar. They didn’t do much with their force buy and they’re coming into the next round with $0 on every player. In order to afford guns, they’ll have to eco following two rounds where they’ll get $1,900 + $2,400.

As you can see from an example above, 6-1 is a big deficit, but if you keep a track of the economy, you can catch insane odds since the game is objectively very close. Keeping things competitive and close when it comes to players surviving rounds is vital for the healthy economy in this game.

*this is one of the best tips when it comes to CSGO betting for beginners. If you apply this method to CSGO live betting, you’ll end up in profit!


Even though there are a lot of guns in CSGO, only a few of those are used in professional games. As I mentioned above, prices for rifles and equipment are different for T and CT side. In the table below, you can find prices for the guns commonly used in the game.

Guns & EquipmentT or CTPrice
Kevlar + HelmerT & CT$650 + $350
Smoke and HE GrenadeT & CT$300 + $300
FlashbangT & CT$200
Molotov/Incendiary GrenadeT/CT$400/$600
AWPT & CT$4,750
Desert EagleT & CT$700
The most usual buy structure in CS:GO


Even though there are over 20 maps in Counter-Strike, only 7 of those are played in the competitive map pool. The list below will provide you with the ones that are played in the esports scene. Certain maps favor T-side while some favor CT’s. HLTV provides excellent stats about these 7 maps, so make sure you give it a try.

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Inferno
  • Train

Placing CSGO Bets With Money

This CSGO betting for beginners guide is fully focused on placing CSGO bets with money. Skin gambling isn’t what it used to be hence why the entire betting scene turned its focus towards trusted and licensed operators.

A couple of years ago, credit cards were the only thing we had for deposits and withdrawals. However, in this day and age, the best CSGO match betting sites progressed and now there are 10+ different payment methods. Here are the methods that are widely accepted and used by millions all over the globe.

  • Credit Cards: VISA, MasterCard, Maestro
  • eWallets: Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, ecoPayz, QIWI, etc.
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin, etc.
  • SIM Payments
  • Bank Transfer

CSGO Betting Advice For Beginners

In this CSGO betting for beginners guide, I’ll share with you five important tips so you can come out on top and profit.

  1. Create a bankroll
  2. Set unit sizes and stick to them(min. bet: 0,5 units, max. bet 5 units)
  3. Research every match you’re betting on
  4. Use bonuses & other promotions
  5. Don’t rage bet and never bet your entire bankroll

Create a Bankroll

As simple as that. You have to learn to set limits for yourself because you don’t want to turn your betting passion into addiction. This is why I’d recommend you set a bankroll for yourself. In most scenarios, you want to play with the extra money you got, without having to take loans or any other type of debt.

Bear in mind that certain bonuses can help you establish a solid bankroll. For instance, if you use code CSGOTIPS at GG.bet, you can get 400€ for a 200€ deposit.

Set Unit Sizes and Stick to Them

When it comes to CSGO betting for beginners, this is important advice to follow. To keep things simple. One unit size equals 2% of your total bankroll. Never bet over 5 units, as these bets are very rare and you’re 90% positive that they’ll hit. Placing 10% of your bankroll should only be made on a prediction you’re absolutely confident in.

If you want to bet money on CSGO matches, you’ll usually stick to either a 2% or 4% bet. Keep in mind that it all depends on how you do your research and what you find out.

I can’t stress hard enough how disciplined you have to be. If you do that, you won’t have to deposit often and in most scenarios, your bankroll will start to increase. Don’t forget that this is a long run towards profit, and you’re starting slowly.

Do Research Before Placing a Bet

In most scenarios, you won’t have to do any research because you can find safe CSGO predictions on my site. However, I encourage you to do your own research as well. From my personal experience, you can find the most useful information about teams competing on Liquipedia, Reddit, and other popular sites. Scrolling through social media like Twitter and Instagram can also benefit your predictions and overall, increase your winning chances.

*I’d also advise you to put the pros and cons for both teams on a piece of paper. With this method, you’ll have a simple summary in front of yourself which will help you determine whether you should even bet on a match or how big of a bet you’re going to place.

Don’t Rage Bet & Never Bet Your Entire Bankroll

No need to talk a lot about this. If you’re on a losing streak, take a couple of days off before making your next bet. When it comes to CSGO betting for beginners, this will be one of the toughest challenges for you as you’ll look to make money fast. Don’t do that and stay disciplined.

Best Betting Strategy For Beginners

Alongside CSGO betting advice, this section of the article will provide you with an excellent overview of a strategy that works for CSGO betting.

theory of compound interest

What is Theory of Compound Interest

Even though this method is not built for betting, we can definitely apply it and profit from it. Basically, you’re investing a small amount of money that will accumulate and grow into a large sum.

However, there is a catch to this theory. You have to apply it to your bets. You don’t want to waste your money on parlays, accumulators, etc. It’s also important to mention that you’ll lose every once in a while, but you have to remain calm. A lot of people will just rage bet the rest of their bankroll instead of trying to slowly grow it. Don’t be like that.

How Much Can You Earn by Using This Theory

It all depends on your starting bankroll. Remember, stick to your unit sizes. Your bets are exponential and they’ll increase as you increase your bankroll. For instance, if you have a bankroll of $5000, your initial 1 unit bet will be $100. On the other hand, if your bankroll is $500, your initial 1 unit bet is $10. You can get the logic behind it. If you invest more, your bankroll will grow faster.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw your funds at any time. By doing so, you’re ruining your chances of accumulating more profit. But still, if you can constantly create an additional $300-$400 a month, you’re in a good position.

Applying Theory of Compound Interest to Your Bets

Before I wrap this up, it’s very important to mention that you want to put your money in strong positions. After doing your research, you’ll have a general idea about a potential upset or an outcome.

It’s not a problem to place crazy bets if you stake $10. However, if you grow your bankroll to $10000, this is where things get interesting. You don’t want to place $500 on a match you’re not certain about.

This is why it’s all right to skip some matches and wait for a better opportunity. By doing this, you’ll definitely become a better bettor and eventually, you’ll start profiting from betting. CSGO betting for beginners can present a challenge but if you follow this advice, you’ll have an advantage over betting sites.