Betting can be hard, especially if you’re a complete noob. We here at CSGO Tips have been actively betting on this esports for over 5 years(successfully) and we want to share our knowledge of CSGO betting for beginners. In this guide, you’ll find useful tips for new bettors.

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What is CSGO – Basics

CSGO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular FPS on the market. In the esports scene, this game is played in a 5v5 defusal mode where 5 players are playing as the attackers(terrorists). T’s are trying to either plant the bomb and defend it for 40 seconds. In order to win rounds, they can also eliminate CT’s.

Counter-terrorists are the defending side. They’ll try their best to not allow T’s to plant the bomb. Keep in mind that the CT’s can also win rounds by eliminating all 5 T’s or by defusing the bomb.

Given the fact that CSGO is becoming more and more popular, most of the new bettors aren’t familiar with the basics. We invested a lot of our time into this game so we know all of the details about economy management, guns, maps, chances & more.

CSGO betting for beginners can be tough if you don’t know all of the things we mentioned above. This is why we’re going to walk you through all of the things you need to keep an eye out for.

Economy Management

This is by far the most essential thing in the entire game. Keep in mind that economy management is vital during live betting on CSGO. If you see that a team is broke and the game is tight, you definitely don’t want to bet on the team that’s defending with pistols.

So, what are the basics that you need to know about the CSGO economy that will help with your bets? Find out in the list below.

  • There are 5 loss stages in CSGO
  • By continuously losing rounds, the money awarded will look like this: $1,400, $1,900, $2,400, $2,900, $3,400
  • Team that wins the round is rewarded with $3,250
  • Rifle + kevlar & helmet for the T-side costs $3,700 | Rifle + kevlar & helmet for the CT-side costs $4,100

Example: Team A is losing 6-1. They were able to win the pistol round, but their economy was reset straight after. However, all of the rounds were close and Team B wasn’t able to establish their economy. Team A is on 5 round losing streak which means that they’re getting $3,400. We’ve already mentioned that Team B economy isn’t looking good and they lost the round. Given the fact that they were on the 5 round win streak, they’re only getting $1,400 for their first loss. This means that they can’t afford guns or snipers in the following round, but they decided to force buy anyways by getting pistols and kevlar. They didn’t do much with their force buy and they’re coming into the next round with $0 on every player. In order to afford guns, they’ll have to eco following two rounds where they’ll get $1,900 + $2,400.

As you can see from an example above, 6-1 is a big deficit, but if you keep a track of the economy, you can catch insane odds since the game is objectively very close. Keeping things competitive and close when it comes to players surviving rounds is vital for the healthy economy in this game.

*this is one of the best tips when it comes to CSGO betting for beginners. If you apply this method to live betting on CSGO, you’ll end up in profit!


Even though there are a lot of guns in CSGO, only a few of those are used by professional players. We mentioned above that the prices for rifles and equipment are different for T and CT side. In the table below, you can find prices for the guns commonly used in the game.

Guns & EquipmentT or CTPrice
Kevlar + HelmerT & CT$650 + $350
Smoke and HE GrenadeT & CT$300 + $300
FlashbangT & CT$200
Molotov/Incendiary GrenadeT/CT$400/$600
AWPT & CT$4,750
Desert EagleT & CT$700


Even though there are over 20 maps in Counter-Strike, only 7 of those are played in the competitive map pool. The list below will provide you with the ones that are played in the esports scene.

  • Dust 2
  • Mirage
  • Overpass
  • Nuke
  • Vertigo
  • Inferno
  • Train

CSGO Betting – All You Need to Know

Now that you learned about the basics of this game, it’s time to take a deeper dive into the world of CSGO betting. However, if all of your questions aren’t answered, you should look for the solutions in our CSGO basics article.

To be honest, CSGO betting wasn’t that popular back in 2017 and 2018. Ever since the popular betting sites such as Betway and Bet365 started sponsoring events and offerings odds on these matches, the entire CSGO industry started blooming.

Fun fact:: the first-ever CSGO betting site out there was and we can freely say that this site set pillars for the other CSGO betting sites.

CSGO Betting Sites For Beginners

If you’re new to CSGO betting, you might want to take this advice seriously. Not all of the CSGO betting sites will provide you with everything you need in order to profit from betting on this game.

This is why we wanted to provide you with several betting sites that we personally bet on. All of these sites are providing competitive odds, pre-match/live/outright betting, various special bets and a decent number of deposit and withdrawal options. On top of that, some of these sites are offering exclusive welcome promotions if you use code CSGOTIPS, so don’t miss out on bonus funds.

Best CSGO Betting Sites Are:

  1. Betway – SIGN UP
  2. – SIGN UP
  3. – SIGN UP
  4. – SIGN UP

Tips on How to Start CSGO Betting

First and foremost, you should sign up for an account with at least one of the sites we mentioned above. By doing this, you’re securing the best odds and promotions for yourself.

If you’re not familiar with the entire sign up process, let us help by providing you with a step-by-step tutorial.

  1. Click on the “SIGN UP” button above.
  2. Provide the betting site with certain personal information such as your email, username, password, etc.
  3. Verify your account and select a deposit method of your choice(we’d suggest eWallets, credit cards or crypto)
  4. Deposit funds & find your picks.
  5. Type in your wager and hit that “PLACE BET” button.

CSGO Bet Types

As mentioned in this CSGO betting for beginners tutorial, there are three bet types in CSGO. We’ll elaborate on all of them just so you can get the general idea on how betting works.

Pre-match Betting

One of the best tips on how to start CSGO betting is based around pre-match betting. Every site out there will provide you with this type of betting.

However, you should pay attention to the amount of special bets sites are offering. The ones we mentioned will usually provide over 30+ special bets.

Basically, you’re placing your money on the match outcome before that match is live.

Live Betting

Contrary to pre-match betting, live betting is only available if the matches are played while placing your bet. All of the sites from our list will provide special bets for live betting which isn’t that common.

There are a lot of strategies out there that will set you up for success while live betting on CSGO. Now that you’ve learned how the economy in Counter-Strike works, we encourage you to focus on live betting as there is so much value there.

Outright Betting

In order to profit from outright betting, you need to have a vast knowledge of the game, tournaments and teams playing. On paper, this seems complicated, but it’s not that hard.

However, it will take you a while to research all of those things. Keep in mind that this method of betting is very profitable as the odds here are insane.

CSGO Special Bets

We’ve already briefly touched on the CSGO special bets topic. Truth be told, straight match winner bet shouldn’t always be an option. This is why betting on special bets is a good way to mix things up and end up in profit.

There are quite a few special bets available to you and it’s pointless to mention all of them. This is why we want to provide you with the ones we use for our CSGO predictions.

  • Correct Score
  • Total Number of Rounds Played
  • Total Maps Played
  • Map Handicap
  • Round Handicap
  • Team A/B to Win at Least One Map
  • Team A/B to Win Certain Number of Rounds

CSGO Betting For Beginners – Tips, Trick & Advice

There are quite a few things we can mention here. There is no need to make this section of the article too long hence why we’ll provide you with a list that will give you an insight into things that you need to manage in order profit from CSGO betting.

  • Create a bankroll
  • Set unit sizes and stick to them(min. bet: 0,5 units, max. bet 5 units)
  • Research every match you’re betting on
  • Use welcome bonuses
  • Never go all in

Create a Bankroll For Yourself

As simple as that. You have to learn to set limits for yourself because you don’t want to turn your betting passion into addiction. This is why we would recommend you to set a bankroll for yourself. In most scenarios, you want to play with the extra money you earned, without having to take loans or anything similar to that.

If you want to cut your loses, feel free to use codes we talked about up in the text and boost your bankroll. For instance, if you use code CSGOTIPS on, you can double your first deposit up to €110. This basically means that you can grab an additional €110 for free, so make sure you abuse this.

Set Unit Sizes and Stick to Them

This is probably the only betting advice that will be very hard for you. To keep things simple. One unit size equals 2% of your total bankroll. Never bet over 5 units, as these bets are very rare. Placing 10% of your bankroll should only be made on a prediction you’re confident about.

Usually, we always go for bets that are either 2% or 4%. Keep in mind that your unit size depends on the research you do.

We can’t stress hard enough that you have to be disciplined and always stick to the unit sizes. If you do that, you won’t have to deposit often and in most scenarios, your bankroll will start to increase. But don’t forget that this is a long run towards profit, and we’re starting slowly.

Do Research Before Placing a Bet

In most scenarios, you won’t have to do any research because we here at CSGO Tips work hard to present you with winning CSGO predictions. However, we do encourage you to do your research. From our personal experience, you can find the most useful information about teams competing on

Scrolling through social media like Twitter and Instagram can also benefit your predictions and overall, increase your winning chances.

*We’d also advise you to put the pros and cons for both teams on a piece of paper. With this method, you’ll have a simple summary in front of yourself which will help you determine if you should even bet on this match or how big of a bet are you going to place.

Utilize Welcome Bonuses

We’ve already discussed this above, but it’s crucial that we mention it one more time. Some bonuses are exclusive and can only be claimed by using code CSGOTIPS. Trust us when we say it, welcome bonuses can set you up for success.

Let’s take as an example. You want to deposit $100. By using code CSGOTIPS, you can claim an additional $100 on your first deposit. If you go for a 5 unit bet without claiming this welcome bonus, you would bet $10. However, after you’ve claimed bonus funds, you can place a 5 unit bet that will amount to $20.

Don’t Rage Bet – Never Bet Your Entire Bankroll

No need to talk a lot about this. If you’re on a losing streak, take a couple of days off before making your next bet. When it comes to CSGO betting for beginners, this will be one of the toughest challenges for you as you’ll look to make money fast. Don’t do that and stay disciplined.

Theory of Compound Interest – CSGO Betting Strategy

Alongside CSGO betting advice, this will probably the most important section of this article. Let’s go over the basics first.

theory of compound interest

What is the Theory of Compound Interest

Even though this method is not built for gambling/betting, we can definitely apply it and profit from it. Basically, we’re investing a small amount of money that will accumulate and grow into a large sum of money.

However, there is a catch to this theory. You have to apply it to your bets. You don’t want to waste your money on parlays, accumulators, etc. It’s also important to mention that we’ll lose every once in a while, but you have to remain calm. A lot of people will just rage bet the rest of their bankroll instead of trying to slowly grow it, so don’t be like that.

How Much Can You Earn by Using This Theory

A lot, it all depends on your starting bankroll. Remember, stick to your unit sizes. Your bets are exponential and they’ll increase as you increase your bankroll. For instance, if you have a bankroll of $5000, your initial 1 unit bet will be $100. On the other hand, if your bankroll is $500, your initial 1 unit bet is $10. We think you can get the logic behind it. If you invest more, your bankroll will grow faster.

Keep in mind that you can withdraw your funds at any time, but by doing so, you’re ruining your chances of accumulating more and more profits. But still, if you can constantly create an additional $300-$400 a month, you’re in a good position.

Applying Theory of Compound Interest to Your Bets

Before we wrap this up, it’s very important to mention that you want to put your money in strong positions. After doing your research, you will have a general idea about a potential upset or an outcome.

It’s not a problem to place crazy bets if you stake $10. However, if you grow your bankroll to $10000, this is where things get interesting. You don’t want to place $500 on a match you’re not certain about.

This is why it’s all right to skip some matches and wait for a better opportunity. By doing this, you’ll definitely become a better bettor and eventually, you’ll start profiting from betting. CSGO betting for beginners can present a challenge but if you follow our tips, you’ll have an advantage over betting sites.

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