CS_Summit 6 Predictions(Semi-finals)

CS_Summit 6 Predictions(Semi-finals)

We are deep into CS_Summit 6 Europe at the moment. A lot of matches have been played and we are here to present you with a short recap of everything that happened. On top of that, you will find our betting picks for the upcoming matches, so make sure you stick around.

CS_Summit 6 Europe – Upper Bracket Recap

Today, we saw a total of two matches being played. OG and Vitality started things off with a bang. Truth be told, we were not expecting to see such a tense match, especially after OG did not even show up on Mirage. The worst thing about it is that Mirage was their pick.

However, Overpass was heavily contested. Despite having an advantage numerous times, OG was unable to convert Overpass and force a decider. After 4 series of overtime, Vitality was finally able to close things out with a 28-26 scoreline. All in all, one of the best maps played so far in 2020.

In the second semi-final match, BIG took on fnatic. Coming into this match, BIG looked absolutely fantastic. All of their star players are at their peak and games against FaZe proved that. Despite all of that, fnatic was still seen as favorites by bookmakers.

To be honest, BIG had it easy against fnatic. They were always in the lead and it was clear from the start that they are here to play. A sweet and well-deserved victory on Overpass and Nuke for XANTARES and company.

CS_Summit 6 Predictions

July 2nd will be a big day for teams competing at CS_Summit 6. A total of 3 elimination matches will be played. This is why we want to share our insight into these matches.

Heroic vs fnatic

Both teams are coming into this match in a decent form. Heroic lost to Vitality in an excellent series. They bounced right back with a 2-0 victory against North. Fnatic, however, won 3 straight before being dominated by BIG.

From our perspective, fnatic faced tougher opponents in G2 and mousesports while Heroic edged out ENCE twice.

All in all, this match from the betting side of things will be a one-way street where fnatic will come out on top. The best part about this match is that odds on fnatic to beat Heroic are very high.

Prediction: fnatic to win
Betting Site: BUFF.bet


Battle of two teams that have been hot and cold throughout the entire event. In their last match, GODSENT bested NiP in a thriller of a game. On the other hand, OG fought hard just to choke in overtime against Vitality. From our perspective, they had a ton of chances to close out Overpass and force a decider.

One thing that we like in this match is the difference in both the veto and overall map pool. These two teams have nothing in common when it comes to maps and this only means one thing. We are going to see a decider in this match. At the time of writing, some sites are offering more than decent odds for a bet that we will see all three maps played.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Betting Site: LOOT.bet

North vs NiP

Battle for Scandinavia commences tomorrow. Truth be told, North is looking really bad right now. However, the same can be said about NiP. They dropped a 10 round lead to GODSENT yesterday. That had to rattle them.

North didn’t beat anyone except Movistar Riders and this is a worrying sign for them. It’s important to mention that they always deliver when playing against NiP. This could play a big factor hence why we’ll go with a risky pick and place our money on North. Odds on this CS_Summit 6 prediction are way too good to pass on.

Prediction: North to win
Betting Site: Betway


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