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Predicting CSGO matches can be hard. However, we’ve been playing and betting on this game for a while now and I’d dare to say that we have credibility when it comes to CSGO predictions.


How Do We Create CSGO Predictions?

Predicting an outcome in a CSGO match isn’t easy. This is why we’ve come up with an idea on how to provide you guys with safe CSGO betting tips.

This is what we base our research on:

  • Form
  • Odds Comparison – Where the Find the Best Odds
  • Map Pool
  • Summary


Let’s start with the easiest thing to research, form. This is a very important aspect for your CSGO predictions.

You don’t want to place your money on a team that is on a huge losing streak.

On the other hand, if you see that a team you want to bet on won 4 out of their 5 matches with quite comfortable scorelines, you can freely add one thick to your summary list.

Odds Comparison

Casual CSGO bettors will just look to place money on various matches without looking to get the best margin over the betting sites.

If you want to profit from CS GO bet predictions, then you should definitely be on the lookout for the best odds possible. This is why we would advise you to have an account with several CSGO betting sites.

We’ve tested quite a few sites and these are the ones that offer the highest odds:

Map Pool

A couple of years ago, we had nothing to rely on when it comes to map pool statistics.

At the moment, you can use HLTV’s platform where you can find all sorts of interesting stats related to the map pools of teams you want to bet on.

You should look for permabans and comfortable picks for the team you want to bet on.

If you see that your team is favored on 2 out of 3 maps they’re going to play, you should add another tick to your summary list.


We’ve been talking about the summary for a while now. If you’re wondering how to create a good summary for your CSGO predictions, let us help.

Take a piece of paper and write down everything you researched. After you’ve found the best odds, checked out which team is in a better form right now and compared the map pools for the teams competing, you’re set for success.

Prior to placing your bet, you want to scan through your summary and see how many ticks did you place that favors your team. If your CSGO betting tips tick a lot of boxes, you’re set for success and you’ll definitely profit from CSGO betting.

CSGO Betting Tips

Now that you learned how to create your own CSGO predictions, let’s go over a couple of CSGO betting tips that will be of great help.

  1. Put your money in strong positions
  2. Create a bankroll for yourself
  3. Read through the summary you created
  4. Look for the best odds – Sign up for an account with several CSGO betting sites
  5. Use special bets(round handicap, correct score, etc.)
  6. Never bet over 10% of your bankroll
  7. Understand that you can’t win every time
  8. Don’t rage bet

Put Your Money in Strong Positions

One of the best CSGO betting tips that anyone can give you. You don’t want to bet just because you’re bored.

If you’re looking to profit from betting on your CSGO predictions, do the research. In the long run, it will pay off.

Create a Bankroll For Yourself

If you’re looking to make a profit from betting, you need to have a bankroll set.

This doesn’t mean that you need to add crazy amount of money into your betting account.

Play with the money that you can afford to lose. If you think that your bankroll is too low, use exclusive welcome bonuses we provided you with and double your bankroll.

For instance, if you’re working with $50, sign up for an account at GG.bet and use code CSGOTIPS on your first deposit. By doing this, you can claim an additional $50 to bet with.

Read Through the Summary You Created

As simple as that. You can find more information about this up in the next. To cut things short, read the summary and see how many boxes did you tick with your CSGO predictions.

If you don’t tick a lot, don’t bet on that match and move on and analyze other matches.

Look For the Best Odds

This topic was also discussed above, but let’s go over it again. In order to get the biggest leverage for your CS GO bet predictions, you need to hunt for the highest odds possible.

This is why you should have an account with at least 3-4 CSGO betting sites. At first, it will seem like there isn’t much difference between the odds of 1.40 and 1.55.

Over time, this will pile up and if you bet on the highest odds possible, your bankroll will sky-rocket.

Use Special Bets

CSGO shouldn’t be about match winner betting, at least not all the times. To be honest, our CSGO predictions are mostly based around the match-winner, but we don’t shy away from special bets either.

Betting on the round handicap, total rounds played, total maps played, etc. is a smart way to put your money in a strong position.

However, this is where research comes into play once again.

Let’s say that one team is very strong on Dust 2 while the other team is really poor on this map. On the other hand, team 2 is rock solid on Nuke and team 1 barely ever plays Nuke.

Isn’t it logical to expect a decider in this match? This is why betting on special bets is a good idea.

Never Bet Over 10% of Your Bankroll

On paper, this seems like an easy CSGO betting tip to follow, but trust me when I say it, it’s not.

You need to keep your calm and never go over the maximum bet. In most scenarios, you will bet 2%, 4% or 6% of your total bankroll.

CSGO predictions where you’ll bet 10% of your bankroll are very rare and you really need to approach this with caution. Not every bet is a max bet.

Understand That You Can’t Win Every Time

Losing is a part of this game. After all, this is gambling and you need to understand that you’re risking your money.

Keep the cool head. If you’re on the losing streak, take a break and come back in a couple of days.

Don’t Rage Bet

This advice is very similar to the one above. If you rage bet, your entire bankroll will be wasted in no-time.

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