What Happens When You Win a Lot Of Money On Betway?

To clarify a couple of things first, I am talking from my personal experience and how the situation was handled, so you are getting an honest insight into Betway and how they treat their customers who win larger sums.

Firstly, the sum I won was roughly $50,000 on a $23 bet. After I’ve seen outright specials for IEM Katowice 2019, I decided to create a couple of crazy parlays, which turned out to be an excellent idea.

Most of those bets were either HLTV ratings, headshot percentages or a total number of kills. I’ve also added a “AUG vs M4A4-M4A1-S” bet which was sitting at 1.10 odds. Believe it or not, but this lifted my winnings for over $5,000 and it was really a safe bet since AUG was becoming more and more popular.


betway big win

The first on my list wast Twistzz who was rated a 2.75 to have the highest headshot percentage on Liquid. I still believe that Twistzz has one of the best crosshair placements, and this always benefits your ability to land a headshot. This is what I learned after spending over 3,000 hours in CS:GO and it turned out to be correct.

Second on my list was Jame from AVANGAR. Given the fact that he is by far their best player, I had to place a bet on him to be the best-rated player on AVANGAR. Odds were really high, 3.35. Jame secured this bet without any problems.

My third bet on this parlay was NiKo to be the best fragger on FaZe. This was actually the last selection I was waiting on, and NiKo was 7 kills behind GuardiaN prior to the last best-of-3 series FaZe played against Cloud9. Nikola dominated Cloud9 and secured my big Betway payout.

Fourth on the list was Hellraisers’ woxic. I was considering two options in this one, either HLTV rating or kills. However, ISSAA was always known as a capable entry fragger and this can rank up his rating really high, hence why I decided to go for woxic, and at 3.20 it was a steal.

Fifth on my Betway parlay was coldzera. I still believe that coldzera is one of the best CSGO players in the world, and I don’t know why Betway offered 2.75 on coldzera to have the most kills in The New Legends Stage. Another easy victory as no one else came close to cold.

My sixth pick on this parlay was s1mple to have the most kills on Natus Vincere roster. Just like coldzera, s1mple is on another level once compared to his teammates, and I don’t understand why would Betway offer 2.30 on s1mple to have the most kills on his side. Once I saw those odds, I knew I had to take them, and this was probably my easiest selection alongside AUG to rain supreme on M4’s.

Brehze was my next pick. I had another doubt for this selection. My initial bet was revolving around headshot percentage, but I decided to place my bet on Brehze to have the most kills in The New Legends Stage. It turned out to be a smarter bet, as NRG has a couple of low fraggers with crazy headshot percentages. For example, daps had 6 kills(5 headshots) which is roughly 80%, while Brehze was sitting on 60% with 32 kills. This was a 50-50 bet for me, as both Brehze and nahtE are crazy fraggers and I was lucky.

Lastly, AUG vs M4A4-M4A1-S was my sweetest bet out of them all. Those 1.10 odds really did a good job for me, and overall made me around $45,000.

What Happened After The Bet Was Marked As Won?

To be honest, a lot of problems happened to me. Once I signed up for an account with Betway, I’ve sent them my ID to verify my personal information. Little did I know that there is a “Proof of Address” needed as well.

Betway’s staff requested either my bank statement or utility bills. Since I was a student back then, my utility bills were not addressed to my name, and my bank statement was not enough for Betway to verify my identity, despite me going directly to the manager and requesting his signature with watermark.

I was slowly starting to believe that I’m never going to get paid, and I decided to take a picture of everything that contains my name and address. I’ve sent over 10 documents, and believe it or not, they approved my address by using UFC delivery note for a shirt I ordered.

Don’t repeat my mistake, and do everything necessary once you sign-up for an account with bookmakers, as you definitely don’t want to wait over 30 days for your winnings to be transferred to you.

Should You Bet On Betway?

You definitely should as Betway is one of the most trustworthy CSGO betting sites on the planet. To be honest, I wouldn’t send money either without a proper verification first. Even though I was a bit mad and nervous at first, I completely understand now, and hopefully, you guys can learn from my mistakes.

What’s Next For Me?

After finally being able to afford everything I need, all of my focus was turned towards creating a website that will benefit everyone, hence why I created CSGO Tips. If this parlay intrigued you and you are interested in my other selections, check out my betting previews and betting predictions.

At the moment, I’m sitting on a 60%+ win percentage. Take note that all of my predictions are and always will be free of charge.

Betting on Betway

If you still don’t know if you should trust Betway, trust me when I say that they are as legit as they can possibly be. After verifying my address, I had no trouble withdrawing from my account several times after my big win on Betway.

You can test Betway yourself by clicking here and claiming your €30 in free bets. This should get you started, and who knows, maybe this is a chance for you to create a crazy parlay and get a big win on Betway.