Whether you’re new to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or you’re an established player looking to rank up quickly, PC setups are incredibly important. The right PC configuration will not only deliver smoother gameplay but also give you a competitive edge when playing this first-person shooter. Read on for our indispensable guide on what to look out for when putting together an uneatable PC setup from scratch. 

Basic Requirements for CSGO

If you’re playing Counter-Strike on PC rather than console, you’ve plenty of flexibility when it comes to putting together a first-rate setup. However, you’ll need to be careful when investing in new hardware and accessories to ensure you’re not spending over the odds for superficial upgrades. No matter whether you’re looking for improved visuals or enhanced gameplay performance, there are some minimum requirements you’ll need to bear in mind. 

Developer Valve currently recommends you’re using an operating system no earlier than Windows XP. You’ll also need to consider your processor credentials. An AMD Phenom X3 8750 processor Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 is the bare minimum. You’ll also need at least 2GB RAM free for your game to run smoothly. 

GPUs are also crucial. At a minimum, you’ll want a 256 MB video card that’s compatible with DirectX 9 (version 9.0c). For the best visuals, your video card should also provide support for Pixel Shader 3.0. Finally, you’ll need to think about storage requirements. Ideally, you’ll want around 15GB of available space on your PC. 

For Best Results 

The specs outlined above will only deliver the bare bones in terms of smooth frame rates and rich visuals. If you’re after the best possible gaming experience, it’s worth investing in superior hardware. To put together a premium setup, you’ll need to have funds readily available. However, the good news is that you don’t have to spend a small fortune. In many cases, a first-class gaming PC can be assembled for as little as $1,000. 

For best gameplay results, make sure you’re using an operating system no earlier than Windows 10. You’ll also want a powerful processor. An AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is a good way to go if you can afford it. 

In most cases, 2GB RAM isn’t going to cut it. For an unbeatable CSGO experience, you’ll want to upgrade to 16GB RAM. Built-in GPUs are also the best bet for unrivaled graphics. An integrated Radeon Graphics card will quickly prove a worthwhile investment if you’re a regular CSGO player. 

If you plan on climbing the ranks to compete with the pros, you’ll also want to think seriously about storage. While minimum requirements specify 15GB of free space, realistically you’ll want to have at least half a TB of free space on your machine. Finally, think about upgrading to an advanced power supply unit if you’re using a 230hz gaming monitor and power-intensive peripherals. 

Once you’ve settled on your main gaming rig, you can have fun assembling your arsenal of peripherals. Need some inspiration on what gaming controllers and accessories to buy? Follow your favorite CSGO players here and see what kit they’re deploying at tournaments.