Are you looking for the best CSGO players in 2019? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We here at CSGO Tips dug deep to present you with the 10 best CSGO players in 2019. Take note that all of this is based on HLTV’s statistics and that we’re taking into account both online and LAN matches. On top of all of that, we’re only counting in players that have played 50+ maps so far in 2019.

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Furthermore, this list may surprise you, but statistically, these are the best Counter-Strike:Global Offensive players in 2019. Even though you won’t be familiar with some of these professionals, who knows, maybe you’ll watch some of them lift the Major trophy sooner rather than later.

10. Simon ‘Sico‘ Williams

We’re starting things off with a 10th best CSGO player in 2019. So far this year, Sico has made one team change. In early 2019, Simon was the best player for Australian CSGO team, Tainted Minds. However, he decided to part ways with that organization and he put on Grayhound jersey. Arguably, Grayhound is the second best CSGO team in Australia, and it is logical that Sico will look for his opportunities there. Even though Sico isn’t so young anymore, we’re positive that the future is bright for this Australian sniper.

sico, best CSGO player in 2019

Sico took part in 10 different qualifiers, tournaments, and leagues. It is important to mention that he never had a tournament where he was rated below 1.00. The only tier 1 tournament Sico participated on was IEM Sydney 2019, and he was Grayhound’s best player.

Rating(2.0): 1.24

Total Kills: 1496

K/D Ratio: 1.38

DPR: 79.2

Total Maps Played: 78


9. Vincent ‘Brehze‘ Cayonte

9th best CSGO player in 2019 is NRG’s rifler, Brehze. Vincent is definitely a star in making, and we believe that Brehze can lead NRG to glory. It is also important to mention that Brehze is a part of NRG for almost 3 years now.

brehze, best csgo players in 2019

Even though Vincent is surrounded by star players, we here at CSGO Tips believe that he can achieve so much more if he joins a contender team such as Liquid or FaZe. But still, Brehze is doing one hell of a job in NRG, and it seems like he is happy with this organization.

So far in 2019, Brehze participated in 9 different tournaments, leagues, and qualifiers. In 8 out of 9 of those events, Brehze was rated above 1.00, which rightfully makes him the 9th best CSGO player in 2019. Achieving so much at the age of 20 is really astonishing, isn’t it?

Rating(2.0): 1.24

Total Kills: 1285

K/D Ratio: 1.25

DPR: 84.9

Total Maps Played: 59

8. Nemanja ‘huNter‘ Kovač

If you’re not familiar with huNter, you’ve probably heard about his cousin, Nikola “NiKo” Kovač. It seems like there is something special running in Kovač’s blood. At the time of writing, Nemanja is playing as a rifler for Serbian CSGO organization, Valiance.

When it comes to HLTV stats, huNter is the 8th best Counter-Strike:Global Offensive player in 2019. Out of all of the top 10 players, Nemanja has definitely played the most maps. At the moment, he is sitting on 146 played maps.

hunter, best csgo player in 2019

Mostly known for his rifling, huNter is also known for his aggressive plays made on both CT and T side. However, Nemanja is also very proficient with a sniper rifle and pistols which makes him an excellent all-around player.

2019 was a busy year for entire Valiance squad. A total of 16 tournaments, qualifiers, and leagues have been played by this CSGO team. To keep high numbers at so many events is simply stunning. Future is bright for this Serbian CSGO pro.

Rating(2.0): 1.24

Total Kills: 3061

K/D Ratio: 1.23

DPR: 88.4

Total Maps Played: 146

7. Seon-Ho ‘xeta‘ Son

Coming in at number 7 is the best Korean CSGO player in 2019, xeta. At the moment, Seon-Ho is playing for the MVP PK, a very solid team based in the Asian region. A lot of people consider xeta as the next big thing on the CSGO professional scene.

If you’re not familiar with xeta, here are some basics. He is mostly known for his proficiency with rifles, especially AK-47. However, he doesn’t mind taking the role of a secondary AWPer for his team, and trust me when I say it, he can easily grab the primary AWP role.

xeta, best csgo players in 2019

All in all, it feels like Asian CSGO scene won’t be able to hold xeta for much longer, as we believe that he is a huge potential that can easily compete either in Europe or in North America. God knows what is next for the Korean youngster, but we’re positive that xeta is the next big thing on the CSGO scene.

Rating(2.0): 1.26

Total Kills: 1159

K/D Ratio: 1.24

DPR: 83.4

Total Maps Played: 61

6. Elias “Jamppi” Olkkonen

If we told you that the 6th best CSGO player in 2019 is only 17, you wouldn’t believe me, right? Elias is a Finnish wunderkind that is currently playing for SJ Gaming, a former SuperJimy CSGO organization.

It’s funny to see so many AWPers in our top 10 best CSGO players in 2019 list. However, Jamppi definitely deserved his spot on this list, and below you’ll see why. At the moment, Elias played on 17 different events, and he was rated above 1.00 by HLTV in 16 of those tournaments. Mind-blowing statistics for a 17-year-old kid.

jumppi, best csgo players in 2019

There is no point of predicting Jamppi’s future, but if he keeps on playing at this level, we believe that he can easily end up on a top team in a couple of years, and he could easily become the next big thing in ENCE.

Rating(2.0): 1.26

Total Kills: 1865

K/D Ratio: 1.34

DPR: 83.1

Total Maps Played: 85


5. Yuri ‘yuurih‘ Santos

The 5th best CSGO player in 2019 is yuurih. This Brazilian youngster has popped on the professional Counter-Strike:Global Offensive scene out of nowhere. It is also important to notice that Yuri is a part of FURIA for almost 2 years now.

To be honest, yuurih is a one-dimensional player. However, he is playing his entry fragger(rifler) role to perfection and almost every FURIA match is based around him. This basically makes Yuri a hard carry for this Brazilian line-up.

yuurih, best csgo players in 2019

So far in 2019, FURIA took part in 13 different qualifiers, leagues & tournaments. It is important to state that they were quite successful in most of their qualifier, but once they face tougher opposition, yuurih is nowhere to be found. This isn’t a big reason for concern, as Yuri is only 19 years old.

Rating(2.0): 1.26

Total Kills: 2439

K/D Ratio: 1.27

DPR: 89.6

Total Maps Played: 118

4. Vinicius ‘vsm‘ Moreira

Coming in at number 3 is DETONA’s star player, vsm. Even though Vinicius is competing at a lower tier CSGO team, we’re sure that he will make a correct adjustment in the near future. At the moment, vsm is enjoying himself as a rifler in DETONA.

vsm, best csgo players in 2019

Ever since the AUG changes occurred, rifling became way easier, and Vinicius is the best example. This Brazilian youngster is mostly known for his anchoring skills where he is able to hold sites by his lonesome. All in all, an excellent rifler who is capable of getting multi frags day in, day out.

Vsm was very busy as DETONA took part in 19 CSGO events so far in 2019. Given the fact that Vinicius was very active, it amazes me to see that he maintained such a high rating, despite being a rifler. Vsm definitely deserves his spot as the fourth best CSGO player in 2019.

Rating(2.0): 1.27

Total Kills: 1759

K/D Ratio: 1.24

DPR: 88.1

Total Maps Played: 83

3. Ali ‘Jame‘ Djami

Jame is definitely the next big thing in the CIS region. There are only a few players capable of in-game leading and topping the charts on a regular basis. At the moment, Ali is also a primary AWPer in AVANGAR. Truth be told, he is definitely the reason why AVANGAR is so successful in 2019.

jame, best csgo players in 2019

Now that you know that Jame is both AWPer, in-game leader, and a top fragger, how would you feel if I told you that Ali is only 20 years old? The sky is the limit for this Russian CSGO professional.

AVANGAR took part on 18 different leagues, qualifiers, and CSGO tournaments. Jame topped the charts in each and every one of those events. His lowest rating was 1.13 on IEM Katowice 2019. It is also important to state that that Jame led AVANGAR to a trophy on DreamHack Open Rio 2019.

Rating(2.0): 1.30

Total Kills: 2819

K/D Ratio: 1.54

DPR: 79.5

Total Maps Played: 136

2. Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

The second best CSGO player in 2019 is definitely ZywOo. This French prodigy is simply a God. Given the fact that Mathieu is only 18, he is already doing wonders on big tournaments. He has no problem carrying the entire Vitality roster, and he is doing it on a permanent basis.

If you are wondering why is ZywOo so good, that would be hard to explain. Firstly, Mathieu is propelled by his talent. These types of players are not born every day. Don’t take me wrong on this one, you can work hard and achieve similar results, but at times, you will not be able to compete against ZywOo.

zywoo, best csgo players in 2019

At the moment, Mathieu is a hybrid player who is capable of landing headshots with pistols, rifles, SMGs, etc. However, he is mainly an AWPer. This is basically a pick your poison situation, as every team so far had a hard time stopping this guy.

ZywOo participated on 13 different CSGO events in 2019, and his stats are simply mind-blowing. His lowest rating occurred on IEM Katowice 2019 Major, where he capped at 1.14 by HLTV. Mathieu definitely deserves his spot as the second best CSGO player in 2019.

Rating(2.0): 1.33

Total Kills: 2548

K/D Ratio: 1.43

DPR: 86.1

Total Maps Played: 116

1. Aleksandr ‘s1mple‘ Kostyliev

There is not much to say about s1mple. He is definitely the best CSGO player in the world now, and there is no denying that. From our perspective, s1mple is a terminator. He is the only reason why Natus Vincere is rated so highly in the professional CSGO scene.

s1mple, best csgo player in 2019

Even though s1mple is primarily an AWPer, he is well capable of dealing headshots with both pistols and rifles. Just like ZywOo, Aleksandr is a type of player that cannot be stopped once he gets going. Simply, a raw talent.

Natus Vincere took part in 6 different tournaments and leagues in 2019, and they were quite successful on some of those, all thanks to s1mple. Aleksandr topped the charts on StarSeries i-League Season 7, where he averaged a stunning 1.43 rating over the course of 19 maps.

Rating(2.0): 1.34

Total Kills:1376

K/D Ratio: 1.49

DPR: 87.9

Total Maps Played: 59