Best CSGO Bookmakers in 2020

Best CSGO Bookmakers in 2020

Betting Site


Min. Deposit



Money Back Up To $50

€/$ 1

22bet csgo betting site

100% Up To $/€122


lootbet csgo betting site

100% up to $/€150


ggbet csgo betting site

100% up to $/€100


betway csgo betting site

100% up to $/€200


buffbet csgo betting site

100% Up To $/€110


unikrn csgo betting site

300% up to $/€60


arcanebet csgo betting site

100% Up To $/€150


T&Cs apply to every offer. Gamble responsibly, you must be 18+.

Where to Find the Best CSGO Bookmakers?

If you’re looking for the best CSGO bookmakers on the market, you’ve come to the right place. We here at CSGO-Tips dug deep in order to inform you about the best CSGO bookmakers that will provide you with the full package which includes the best welcome bonus, high CSGO betting odds, user-friendly interface and of course, a lot of different CSGO special bets.

Take note that we’ll split the best CSGO bookmakers into a couple of sections. On top, you’ll be able to find exclusive welcome bonuses which are only available if you use code CSGOTIPS. We also took into account that CSGO bettors from the US and Australia can have a hard time finding the best CSGO bookmaker for themselves, hence why we found the best site for you as well.

What Should the Best CSGO Bookmakers Provide You With?

To be honest, you need to be provided with the full package and you shouldn’t sign up for anything besides that. The competition is so fierce in the CSGO betting scene and there are new CSGO bookmakers popping out all over the place, so be careful.

Above, you’ll be able to find the full list of everything that you should be provided with. Even though some of the CSGO bookmakers on our list won’t provide you with everything here, they made it all up either by providing higher odds or with a big welcome bonus.

Welcome Bonus

The best CSGO bookmaker should definitely provide you with an excellent welcome bonus. This is where we come into place., and provided us with exclusive bonuses that are much better than the ones you get in the standard package.

How to Claim Your Exclusive and Welcome Bonus?

Probably the most popular promotion as most of the best CSGO Bookmakers will base their welcome promotion on deposit bonuses. We did a piece on the best CSGO deposit bonuses which will provide you with everything you need to know.

Take note that we took into account not only the amount of bonus money you can get but also the rollover requirements, as all of the bonuses on the link above will have the easiest wagering requirements.

This process is fairly simple. Once you’ve registered through our site, the next thing you’ll do is enter code CSGOTIPS while making your first deposit. There is nothing more to add here. If you want to increase your chances of winning, make sure to follow our betting tips and prediction.

Deposit Bonus

CSGO betting bonuses can come in many different varieties and shapes. The most popular ones are either free bets or deposit bonuses. When it comes to deposit bonuses, the best CSGO bookmaker should provide you with at least a 50% deposit bonus.

Free Bets

There are barely any CSGO Bookmakers that provide free bets as their form of promotions. Take note that not all CSGO bookmakers will give you free money. This CSGO welcome bonus is considered mostly as a cashback. We’ll mention all of those sites right here so you can claim your free bets. Firstly, Betway is providing up to €30 on sign-up, and this will enable you to test the site out and see if you like it. is the second CSGO Esports bookmaker that provides free bets. However, before claiming them on, you’ll have to make a deposit. Basically, if you deposit €10, you’ll get another €10 in FREE BETS.

Take note that these two sites don’t add any additional wagering requirements, as they will deduct the amount of free bet money you received if your bet is a win. This will only leave you with a profit, but still, free money is free money, and we’ll take it any day of the week.

Luckbox even went one step further with their free bet bonus. This site allows you to place one $5 bet completely free of charge. No string attached, you don’t have to deposit anything to claim your free $5 bet.

User-Friendly Website

You definitely don’t want to spend time on a slow, unresponsive or buggy bookmaker. However, all of the CSGO bookmakers on our list will provide you with an excellent overlay of their site.

On top of all of that, they’ve also ensured that their websites operate smoothly on all of the mobile devices, and we assure you that you’ll be able to use all of these CSGO bookmakers without any problems.

Professional Customer Support

Truth be told, everyone can run into a problem when it comes to CSGO betting or betting in general. This is why it is very important for the best CSGO bookmakers to have professional support which is available 24/7, 7 days a week.

Each and every CSGO bookmakers listed above will provide you with live chat as a customer support method. In our opinion, this is the best and most commonly used support method, and we heavily advise you to use it.

Huge Variety of CSGO Tournaments & Leagues

In order to be the best CSGO bookmaker on the market, you need to provide your customers with a huge variety of CSGO tournaments and leagues to bet on. This means that lower tiered events should also be covered. Bookmakers such as GG.betBetway and stepped up massively in this department.

High CSGO Betting Odds

This is definitely the most important thing. High betting odds are setting pillars for various bookmakers that want to be the best when it comes to CSGO betting. We here at CSGO-Tips would advise you to sign up for an account with at least three CSGO bookmakers since every bookmaker is providing different CSGO betting odds. With this method, you’ll always be able to place your bets on the highest odds possible.

It is also important to notice that certain CSGO bookmakers thrive at certain types of bets. For instance, provides the highest CSGO betting odds for pre-match betting. But to be honest, their live betting odds are nowhere near as high as the odds that can be found on Betway.

Lastly, outright betting odds are also very important in the CSGO betting world and the best CSGO bookmaker for outright betting is definitely This bookmaker is always first to provide you with the odds for the upcoming events. On top of all of that, their outright betting odds can’t be matched by any other CSGO bookmaker.

Type of CSGO Bets

As we mentioned above, there are three types of CSGO bets. Pre-match betting, live betting, and outright or futures betting. It would be ludicrous to think that one bookmaker can be the best at all of the betting segments.

However, you can enjoy high pre-match betting odds on most of the bookmakers that can be found on the list above. It is also important to mention that the best CSGO bookmakers will provide you with enhanced odds which can be considered as a bonus.

Live betting is also a key element for CSGO betting. Even though most bookmakers will provide you with regular odds when it comes to live betting on CSGO, Betway stepped up massively, and this is definitely the best live betting CSGO bookmaker on the market.

We’ve already discussed that there is only one bookmaker that thrives on outright betting, that being All in all, you will have a hard time finding better outright betting odds, not only on CSGO tournaments but on esports overall.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Another key element for every CSGO bettor out there is a variety of different deposit and withdrawal methods. All of us are probably using credit cards(VISA/MasterCard/Maestro) or some form of e-wallet such as PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, etc.

Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals are also a thing in CSGO betting and some of the best CSGO bookmakers will provide you with this alternative method of depositing and withdrawing funds from your account. This method is best used in both the US and Australia, and we heavily recommend it.

Limits are also very important, but this mostly applies to high rollers. There is a big difference if CSGO bookmaker limits you to a $100 deposit or a $20 maximum bet. We don’t want this for any of the customers, hence why we’re only using CSGO bookmakers that don’t enforce deposit, withdrawal and betting limits.

CS:GO Real Money Betting

Let’s talk facts. CSGO betting is becoming more and more popular, and at the moment, this FPS title is definitely on the same level as League of Legends, Overwatch, and Dota 2. 

As we mentioned above, there are tons of CSGO Esports Bookmakers in 2020 out there, but not all of them will provide you with everything you need in order to be successful at CSGO betting. This is why we advise you to pick one of the CSGO gambling sites we mentioned above, as they’ll provide you with all you need.

As for the real money betting on CSGO, we’ll provide you with a step by step tutorial on how to register, deposit, bet, and withdraw your money from a certain CSGO bookmaker, so don’t miss out.

Creating an Account

We’ve covered the best CSGO betting sites 2020 above, so take your pick. Once you’ve signed up for an account, you want to verify your profile either by uploading your ID or via other ways which will be mentioned on the site itself.

After successfully verifying your personal information, it’s time to find your betting selections. Take note that we publish CSGO betting tips & predictions on a regular basis, and you can find them all by clicking here or simply head over to “CSGO Predictions” on the homepage.

Depositing Real Money & Placing Bets

Let’s take as an example. You’ll be provided with a lot of different banking options. Skrill, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies are most commonly used with this CSGO bookmaker site.  Select the one you prefer and hit the deposit button. Don’t forget to use code CSGOTIPS to claim your exclusive bonus(100% up to €100) on your first deposit.

Once you made your selections, they’ll appear on your betting slip which can be found on the right side(We’re talking about here(this may vary for other sites). The only thing left for you to do is to press “place bet” button and you’re good to go.

Withdrawing Your Winnings

Definitely the most enjoyable part of CSGO betting is withdrawing your winnings. Take note that certain CSGO betting sites will charge you a small fee for withdrawals, but this is not the case with the betting sites we mentioned above. 

When it comes to withdrawal times, if you’re to withdraw by using Skrill or other e-wallets, you’ll receive funds within a couple of minutes or hours, it all depends on the betting site. Let’s use Betway as an example. They process e-wallet withdraws on the next day, which basically means that you’ll wait less than 24 hours before you’re paid.

The same goes for cryptocurrencies deposits and withdrawals. They’re instant in most cases.

Lastly, if you’re to use credit cards for your deposits and withdrawals, you’ll usually wait for your hard-earned money for 1-3 working days. To be honest, we’ve barely ever received funds within 24 hours, but we never had to wait more than 4 days for our winnings.

What Happened to CSGO Skin Betting Industry?

In order for you to fully understand what happened to CSGO skins betting sites and why didn’t this industry survive, we’ll split this section into two parts, the rise, and the fall. Before we start, you need to understand that we’re talking about billions here. Despite cease and desists letters, skin gamblers gambled over $5 billion in 2016.

The Rise

It all started with If you’re an old-school CSGO bettor, you’ve had to hear about this betting site. We all placed our skins there where we bet on percentages, which basically means that the house was always taking the cut. Eventually, this led to insane profits for the CSGOLounge owners,  which propelled the CS:GO community on creating CSGO gambling sites that were based around skin jackpot, case openings, CSGO crash, etc.

Now that money was pumped into CSGO skins gambling, owners of those gambling sites reached out to big CSGO Youtubers where they made sponsored videos in which they talked about how good those sites are, how easy it is to win on them, etc. You can probably understand that a lot of underaged kids got involved in this form of skin gambling, and this is what broke CSGO skins gambling.

On top of that, tons of money was circulating through skins gambling and Valve had to do something about it. Even though most popular CSGO skins gambling sites seized their operations, some of them are still going strong such as, or

The Fall

csgo cease and desist letters

Now that you understand how big CSGO skins gambling sites were, you can probably understand that Valve had to stop that growing bubble. Firstly, they sent out cease and desist letters to all the popular CSGO skins gambling sites and almost all of them completely shut down their operations.

However, some sites were still going strong, and Valve had to make another radical move, trade bans. Firstly Valve started banning gambling sites bots. Let’s take as an example. At one point, admitted to losing over $500,000 in CSGO skins, which is an enormous amount. 

This didn’t force skins gambling sites out of the business either, but the last move Valve made definitely sealed the fate of CSGO skins gambling. Even though Valve stated that this move was introduced mainly to prevent scammers, we all know that this wasn’t the primary focus. Basically, for every skin trade, skins involved in that trade won’t be tradeable for 7 days.

Lastly, some skins gambling sites are still in the business, but their traffic is very low and barely any of those sites are providing skins deposits or withdrawals. Most of those sites are now based either on VGO skins or on cryptocurrencies.

CSGO Betting Advice

All of us are trying to find the best formula which will enable us to profit while betting on CSGO. Even though we’re not even close to being perfect at CSGO betting, we can provide you with our CSGO betting advice as we’ve been involved in this business for over a couple of years now.

First and foremost, having a decent bankroll is a must. From our point of view, you don’t want to bet your entire bankroll on a single bet, as this will lead you to bankruptcy. Set stakes for yourself and never bet over 10% of your total bankroll.

Second CSGO betting advice we can give you is never to prioritize CSGO betting on parlays or accumulators. Those will barely ever hit and you may find yourself on a losing streak easily. This is why we’d advise you to mostly focus on either single bets or doubles. I believe that this is a very important CSGO betting advice.

Third CSGO betting advice is based on odds. To cut things short, you want to sign up for an account with several CSGO betting sites. If you’re wondering why, let me explain. CSGO betting sites 2020 will never provide the same odds, so you want to have a couple of options for yourself. All in all, always go for the best odds, as they hold the biggest value for you.

My last CSGO betting advice for you is a straightforward one. You need to understand that you can’t win every time. Losing is the part of CSGO betting, just like winning. If you see that you’re on a cold streak, take a break, and come back in a couple of days. Don’t rage bet as this will get you nowhere.

Best CSGO Esports Bookmakers in US

Betting Site


Min. Deposit


bovada csgo betting site

50% up to $250


betonline csgo betting site

50% up to $1000


mybookie csgo betting site

65% up to $1000 + $20 in free bet on $50+ deposits


unikrn csgo betting site

300% up to $60


T&Cs apply to every offer. Gamble responsibly, you must be 18+.

What Are the Most Popular CSGO Tournaments to Bet On?

There are quite a few CSGO tournaments out there. However, not all of them are so popular. In this section, you can find out which are the most popular CSGO tournaments to bet on.

  • Majors(two per year)
  • ESL One
  • BLAST Pro
  • DreamHack
  • StarLadder

Alongside these 5 events I mentioned above, you can find a lot of regional qualifiers to bet on as well. When it comes to even lower events, certain betting sites such as will occasionally promote themselves by creating a tournament with a decent prize pool.

Even though those events won’t attract the best CSGO teams out there, they’re still pretty good when it comes to betting as occasionally, you can find huge gaps between teams and cash-in on that information.

What are the Best CSGO Bookmakers in 2020?

Betway100% up to €200SIGN UP CSGOTIPS100% up to €150SIGN UP CSGOTIPS100% up to €110SIGN UP CSGOTIPS100% up to €100SIGN UP
MyBookie.agCSGOTIPS60% up to $1000 + FREE BETSSIGN UP

As mentioned above, there are a lot of CSGO bookmakers available to you, but most of those sites aren’t trusted.

In the list above, you can find all of the sites that we’re personally placing our bets on. Find more information about these CSGO betting sites below.


best csgo betting sites

Another excellent site on our best CSGO gambling sites 2020 list. If you’re into CSGO and esports betting in general, you’ve probably heard about this betting site.

Betway has been sponsoring all the popular CSGO teams and events such as MiBR, NiP, Intel Extreme Masters(IEM), ESL Pro League, etc.

This CSGO gambling site will set you up for success and this is why. First and foremost, if you sign-up, you can claim your €30 in FREE BETS.

With this welcome promotion, you can test the site out. From my experience, Betway ticks a lot of boxes. Alongside decent odds, Betway will hook you up with 15 various special bets.

Alongside pre-match betting on CS:GO and other esports, Betway will also provide live betting. Outright betting is also a thing here. Keep in mind that the bigger events will have special bets dedicated to outright betting.

If you’re looking for the most trusted CS:GO betting site, Betway is definitely an excellent choice for you. On top of that, I was able to successfully cash out over $50,000 that I’ve won while betting on IEM Katowice 2019. Make sure you read my “Turning $23 to $50,000” article.

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options, there aren’t many of those. However, all of the important ones are covered. This is everything Betway offers:

  • Credit Cards(VISA/MasterCard)
  • Skrill
  • EcoPayz
  • Neteller

This is my experience with Betway’s withdrawal. I’ve only used credit cards and Skrill and these are the results:

  • Credit Cards – 1 to 3 working days
  • Skrill – less than 24 hours

Truth be told, I don’t think that Betway is built for CSGO bettors that want to throw a couple of dollars to have fun. The lowest amount you can deposit is €10. This applies to every deposit method.

If you want to sign-up for an account with Betway but you’re still unsure about it, you can read our Betway review which should answer all of your questions.

WELCOME BONUS: Bet €10, Get €30 in FREE BETS or 100% up to $100.

Why is Betway so Trusted:

  • Claim €30 in FREE BETS on sign-up
  • 15+ Special Bets
  • Competitive Odds
  • Excellent CSGO & Esports Coverage
  • Pre-Match Betting/Live Betting/Outright Betting

To be honest, I don’t know why people don’t bet on From my personal experience, this is one of the best CSGO gambling sites 2020. This is my reasoning behind this. is an exclusively esports betting site. So if you want to bet on esports/CSGO, you should definitely read more about this CSGO gambling site.

Odds here are more than solid. At times, will break the market and offer insane odds. You can clearly see that from our previous predictions and odds comparisons.

As mentioned above, Esports betting sites are rare these days, but is here to provide you with everything you need. Excellent coverage, special bets, live & outright betting.

There are 10+ special bets for every match. On top of that, you can also play Casino at

I wanted to talk about their “LADDER” as well. This is a one of a kind opportunity to win free stuff while betting. While betting, you’ll win XP and earn rewards. Gifts, iPhones & €10,000 are up for grabs.

There are a lot of CSGO betting sites 2020 that are offering unique promotions, but no one came close to

Alongside everything I mentioned above, the main reason why is one of the best CSGO gambling sites are deposit and withdrawal options. You can use various currencies such as $, €, ₽, ₱, Bitcoin, Ethereum. These are the methods available:

  • VISA/MasterCard
  • ecoPayz
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Skinpay
  • QIWI
  • Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin & Ethereum)

I’ve personally used three different types of deposits and withdrawals. This is how they rank:

  • Credit Cards – 2 to 3 working days
  • Skrill – 60 to 120 minutes
  • Cryptocurrencies – 30 minutes

A minimum deposit of €10 has been set for credit cards and e-wallets(Skrill) while cryptocurrencies are limited to a minimum deposit of €7(0.001 BTC).

WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to €150 – code: CSGOTIPS

Perks of using LOOT.BET

  • Exclusive Welcome Bonus
  • CSGO Skins Betting Site(Skinpay)
  • Esports Betting Sites = Insane Coverage
  • Mobile Application Available(fast and smooth)
  • Very High Odds
  • 10+ Special Bets
  • Pre-match Betting/Live Betting & Outright Betting

best csgo betting sites has been around for a while now. From my personal experience, this site is similar to

If we compare these two CSGO betting sites, we won’t find a lot of differences. At times, will provide higher odds than and vice versa.

Alongside CSGO betting, will provide you with various other esports such as Dota 2, LoL, Hearthstone, FIFA, StarCraft 2, etc. Alongside esports, regular sports betting is also a thing here.

You’ll also enjoy Casino, Live Casino and Virtual Games here.

When it comes to special bets, will provide you with 10+ bets for every single CSGO match. From my experience, this is more than enough. Live and outright special bets are also available.

I believe that you’ll love more than other CSGO betting sites because of live streams. Almost every CSGO match is streamed. This makes live betting more enjoyable.

As for the deposit and withdrawal options. I’ve personally used two methods. This is the full list of everything you can use in order to deposit:

  • Credit Cards(VISA/MasterCard)
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Paysafecard
  • Ecopayz
  • Skinpay

Let’s talk numbers. All of the banking methods I mentioned above are limited to a minimum deposit of €5. On the other hand, you can withdraw a minimum of €15.

To be honest, is processing withdrawals really fast. This is my experience with credit cards and Skrill:

  • Credit Cards – 1 to 2 working days
  • Skrill – 15 to 60 minutes(really fast, I’d recommend this method)

If ticks a lot of your boxes and you want to find more information about it, you should read our review and read through our in-depth review.

WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to €110 on your first deposit. Use code CSGOTIPS

Benefits of using

  • Exclusive Welcome Bonus
  • Excellent CSGO & Esports Coverage
  • Minimum Deposit is set to €5
  • Competitive Odds
  • 10+ Special Bets
  • CSGO Skins Betting Site(Skinpay Accepted)
  • Pre-match Betting/Live Betting/Outright Betting

best csgo betting sites

Most of you have probably heard about This site definitely deserves to be ranked as one the best CSGO betting sites 2020.

Why is ranked highly on our list? To be honest, this is an all-around site that will provide you with everything you need. First and foremost, this CSGO gambling site is offering really high odds.

Out of 10 odds comparisons, you’ll find out that is offering the highest odds in 6 scenarios. You really can’t argue against that.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to place your bets not only on CSGO matches but also on various other esports titles such as LoL, Dota 2, Overwatch, etc.

There are also 20+ various special bets put in place regarding CSGO betting and we abuse that a lot. You can see that if you follow our predictions.

Banking options are perfect at Even though this may vary for your country, I promise you that you’ll enjoy at least 15 various banking options.

The most popular deposit options are:

  • Credit Cards(VISA/MasterCard, etc.)
  • E-wallets(Skrill, Neteller, etc.)
  • Cryptocurrencies(Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum)
  • SIM Payments
  • Pre-paid Cards

If you’re looking for a CSGO betting site that will offer small deposits, then is an excellent choice for you. There are certain deposit options that will allow you to deposit a minimum of €1, while the other deposit options are capped to a minimum of €5.

Withdrawals are really fast. I’ve tested credit card withdrawals, e-wallets & cryptocurrencies. Here are the numbers:

  • Credit Cards – 2-3 working days
  • E-wallets – Instant
  • Cryptocurrencies – Instant put in place professional customer care which is available to you 24/7. From experience, you should reach out to them via live chat. If you want to find more information about, you can read our review.

WELCOME BONUS: 100% up to €100 – use code CSGOTIPS

Why is a Perfect CSGO Betting Site:

  • 20+ Special Bets
  • High Odds
  • Excellent CSGO/Esports Coverage
  • Various Deposit & Withdrawal Options
  • Pre-Match Betting/Live Betting/Outright Betting

Even though is only a year old, they definitely deserve a spot amongst the best CSGO gambling sites. Find out why below.

First and foremost, will provide you with all three types of CSGO betting(pre-match/live/outright betting). From my experience, you won’t enjoy the highest odds at, but they do step up from time to time. thrives at live betting and outright betting. If you’re into these two betting options, you should give a chance. You’ll be glad to hear that there are various special bets attached to outright betting.

As for the deposit & withdrawal methods, didn’t step up here. Keep in mind that you can deposit a minimum of €5. These are the options available to you:

  • Credit Cards(VISA and MasterCard)
  • YandexMoney
  • QIWI
  • WebMoney
  • Advcash

When it comes to withdrawals, I won’t be of much help here. I’ve only used credit cards. This is how long it took them to pay me out:

  • Credit Cards – 3 to 4 working days

If you want to learn more about, read our review.

WELCOME BONUS: Bet €10 and get €10 in FREE BETS

Perks of using

  • 10+ Special Bets
  • Best Live/Outright Betting Odds
  • A Minimum Deposit of €5
  • Pre-match Betting/Live Betting/Outright Betting
  • Dedicated Special Bets For Live & Outright Betting

MyBookie(US & Australia)

best csgo betting sites

I’ve seen a lot of people from the US & Australia struggle to find CSGO betting sites for themselves.

Even though I’m not from the US or Australia, I’ve experienced something similar myself.

Before we start, you need to keep in mind that this one of the few CSGO betting sites 2020 that I’d only recommend to the US & Australis bettors.

Let’s start with the odds. will provide more than solid odds for CSGO matches. Keep in mind that this is a betting site that is specialized in sports betting and esports aren’t that popular here.

You won’t enjoy a lot of special bets. From what I was able to find out, there are roughly around 5 special bets for CSGO matches. You can also bet on other popular esports such as League of Legends, Dota 2 or Overwatch.

When it comes to banking options, you’ll be glad to hear that covers a variety of them:

  • VISA/MasterCard – Min. deposit $45
  • Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash – Min. deposit $45
  • Litecoin – Min. deposit $45
  • MoneyGram – Min. deposit $100

WELCOME BONUS: Use code CSGOTIPS and claim 65% up to $1000 + $20 in free bets on your first deposit

Main reasons why should you sign-up for an account with MyBookie

  • Exclusive Welcome Promotion + FREE BETS Included
  • Competitive Odds
  • Variety of Deposit & Withdrawal Methods


There is no denying that Pinnacle is providing the highest CSGO betting odds on the market. Try comparing their odds with other CSGO bookmakers and you’ll see for yourself. However, Pinnacle only has one problem, which is based around promotions.

To cut things short, there are no promotions nor welcome bonus provided by Pinnacle. All in all, if you enjoy high odds and you’re not interested in promotions, CSGO betting at Pinnacle is the perfect choice for you.


  • Available in 200+ countries
  • First bookmaker to offer CSGO betting
  • Brand
  • Best odds on the market


Mario has been actively playing CSGO ever since the game was released. He enjoys writing about Counter-Strike and he will try his best to present you with up to date news, previews, betting tips and predictions.

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