If you want to increase your chances of ending up in profit when opening cases on Clash.gg, then you should give Clash.gg community cases a chance. By going through the filters you will notice that there are thousands of such cases to choose from. However, there is nothing to worry about as we will provide you with the ones that offer the GOLD galore. Let’s jump right into it.

If you don’t want to go through the lines of text, here are the best Clash.gg community cases you should open in 2024:

1. YeLLoW Jar(2 Clash Coins)Open YeLLoW Jar case on Clash.gg now.
2. Green Wins(2.11 Clash Coins) Open Green Wins case on Clash.gg now
3. 30% Legacy (5.47 Clash Coins) Open 30% Legacy case now.
4. ReD Jar(11.19 Clash Coins)Open ReD Jar case on Clash.gg now.
5. GreeN Jar(16.18 Clash Coins)Open GreeN Jar case on Clash.gg now.
6. Euphoria Case 5%(23.95 Clash Coins)Open Euphoria Case(5%) now.
7. 20% For Big W(43.81 Clash Coins)Open 20% For Big W now.
8. BluE Jar(58.13 Clash Coins)Open BluE Jar case now.

Are Clash.GG Community Cases Better Than Officials?

Logically speaking, CS2 gambling sites are never going to provide you with better odds, especially in terms of opening cases. Yes, there is a chance that you can make money with the official ones, but why won’t you give yourself an extra chance by opening the ones created by the community?

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Above, we have hand-picked and personally tested the cases we would recommend. As you can see from the list above, there is something for anyone. High rollers can test out more expensive cases, while players who are just getting started or have a limited bankroll of Clash.gg coins can go for cheaper ones.

What are the Best Clash.gg Community Cases to Open?

We have already briefly touched base above regarding the cases that you can open on Clash.gg right away. However, to put your mind at ease, we are going to provide a detailed overview of such cases and prove to you that they are much better than the Official ones, so stay tuned.

Some of the best CS2 betting sites do not provide the option to open the cases and enjoy these charms. In the rest of the text, we will mention which are the best community cases to open, and we advise you to buckle up because we are about to take off!

YeLLoW Jar (: Case – 2 Clash.gg Coins

This case attracts attention with its affordable price of only 2 Clash Coins, which is also the cheapest box on our list. As you can see in the image below, we have a 10% chance to hit a big win in this box, which opens at a price of only 2 coins.


The most valuable skin you can get is Gut Knife Lore (FN) which costs 135.28 Clash Coins. Hurry up and win your first knife!

Green Wins Case – 2.11 Clash.gg Coins

As you can see, this is the cheapest Clash.gg community case on our list. However, even though it does not cost much at all, it does not mean that it will not pay out extraordinarily well! With this one, you have a 10% chance to get a minimum of 7 times the amount of money you invested.

green win clash.gg community case you should open

In our opinion, these are great odds and even though it is only a 10% chance of landing, you can still win a lot more money. You should also take note that the most expensive skin here are Broken Fang Gloves Jade(FT) which cost 99.25 Clash Coins. Don’t wait up and open Green Wins case now.

30% Legacy Case (: – 5.74 Clash.gg Coins

In our opinion, this case has it all. By opening this one, you can either land in massive profit by winning the Bayont Night(MW) that goes for just under 300 Clash.gg coins, or you can get a Deagle skin that will return almost the full investment.

30% legacy best clash.gg community case

On top of that, there are two additional skins that you can find here and that could put you in a decent profit. All in all, we believe that you can figure out the logic behind this one as there is a reasonable odds of you ending up winning. Bear in mind that we recommend this case when creating Group battles as it only takes one hit to win big.

ReD Jar Case – 11.19 Clash.gg Coins

As we can see at the very beginning, the opening price of this box is in double digits, which means that in this box we have the opportunity to get slightly more expensive skins. As the cherry on top, here we can get the Falchion Knife Slaughter (FN) which costs 285.35 Clash Coins.

red jar one of the best clash gg community cases to open

Also, in addition to the Falchion Knife Slaughter, here you can win the Gut Knife Slaughter, as well as the Navaja Knife Slaughter, while from the skins you can get the Desert Eagle Code Red (FN), and everyone’s favorite AK-47 and AWP Redline skins. Hurry up and get your favorite red skin!

GreeN JaR Case – 16.18 Clash.gg Coins

In our humble opinion, GreeN JaR (: delivers the best value. As the name suggests, only green skins are found here, the most expensive of which is the Flip Knife Gamma Doppler (MW) which costs 364.42 Clash.gg Coins.

green jar community case on clash gg - open for profit

It is important to mention, that in this box, there are 3 additional skins that can bring you a considerable profit, while for an almost complete return on investment, you need to get AWP Atheris (FN) which costs 14.08 coins.

Euphoria Case(5%) – 23.95 Clash.gg Coins

Do you like being on the edge of your seat when opening cases on Clash.gg? If you nodded your head on this one, then you don’t want to miss out on this community case. Even though it does cost almost 24 Clash.gg coins, it could put you in massive profit.

euphoria case - best clash.gg community cases

The case is tailored for a 5% win which means that this one could work wonders when engaging in case battles against other players as all it takes is one GOLD hit and you could land that Butterly Marble Fade(FN) which goes for 1.575,80 Clash.gg Coins. Do not wait up and test your luck with this one.

20% For Big W Case – 43.81 Clash.gg Coins

Last but not least, if you want to test your luck, then you should not miss out on the 20% for big W Case. With this one, you can win luxurious items costing over 3.700 Clash.gg Coins and ranging from M4A4 Howl to M9 Bayonet Lore, or Driver Gloves Black Tie.

open one of the best clash.gg community cases - 20% for big W case

In all fairness, this is a premium Clash.gg community case that has all the potential to set you up for success. Even though it packs a punch to your bankroll, landing a single GOLD with this one can win you a lot of money.

BluE Jar – 58.13 Clash.gg Coins

A case for the bravest! With a stake of only 58.13 Clash coins, you have a chance to win AWP Medusa (FN) worth 4829.94 Clash Coins, as well as Hand Wraps Cobalt Skulls (MW) worth 873.53 Clash Coins.

blue jar is one of the most profitable clash.gg community cases you can open

In addition to these 2 already mentioned valuable skins, this case contains 2 more valuable skins that bring you profit, the sticker Titan (Holo) Katowice 2015 – 516.28 coins, and Navaja Doppler (FN) – 114.93 coins. Test your courage and luck with this box right now!