AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports Prediction – EPICENTER 2019

AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports Prediction – EPICENTER 2019

As mentioned in the EPICENTER 2019 preview, I’ve found a very secure bet for the opening day. Stick around and read my AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports prediction. On top of that, you’ll be able to find a simple odds comparison from the best CSGO betting sites.

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AVANGAR vs mousesports Prediction


Let’s start with mousesports. Karrigan’s squad is on fire right now. They’ve won two events in a row. However, I wouldn’t add that much weight to them winning cs_summit 5. On the other hand, they looked super good in the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals. I was never expecting them to play on such a high level, but here they are, ready to dominate again.

As for the former AVANGAR roster. They’ve been idle for nearly a month. When it comes to results, there aren’t any that caught my eye. In their last 5 matches, Virtus.pro roster lost 4 matches while they were successful once, against ViCi.

AVANGAR vs mousesports Betting – Recommended betting sites & Odds Comparison

If you want to be successful at CSGO betting, you need to be on the lookout for the best possible odds. In this section of my AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports prediction, you’ll be able to find a table that will compare the odds from some of the best betting sites out there.

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Map Pool & Possible Veto

Predicting a successful map veto for this AVANGAR vs mousesports prediction shouldn’t be hard. Let’s start with permabans.

We all know that Virtus.pro don’t play Nuke and this will definitely be their permaban. On the other hand, mousesports already banned Overpass once against AVANGAR and I believe that they’ll stick with this ban.

This leaves us with a fat map pool that favors the German CSGO roster. Despite losing Vertigo 16-1 to G2, mousesports is a solid team there. On the other hand, AVANGAR barely ever plays this map and in my books, this is a freebie for mousesports.

Train is arguably the best map for Jame and co. However, mousesports looked stellar on this map in their last couple of matches and I don’t think that AVANGAR has what it takes to defeat mousesports there.

Even though AVANGAR acquired solid results on both Mirage and Inferno, they’re simply not in a good form right now. In their last 6 matches played on Inferno, they’ve only won once. Furthermore, mousesports dominated both fnatic and OG on this map.

Mirage is a tricky map. Keep in mind that mousesports played this map 6 times on cs_summit 5 and they came out on top in 5 of those matches. On the other hand, AVANGAR looked solid here as well. In my opinion, this is the only map where AVANGAR stands a chance.

We’re left with Dust 2. Even though mouse got solid results on this map, they don’t feel comfortable here. Keep in mind that mousesports defeated Astralis on this map not so long ago. On the other hand, this was a go-to map for AVANGAR. At the moment, they’re on a 4 map losing streak here.

AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports Prediction – Summary

Form-wise, I’m heavily favoring mousesports. They’ve won three events in a row now and they’re definitely eager to finish 2019 in style. On the other hand, AVANGAR/Virtus.pro is nowhere to be found right now and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re amongst the first ones to pack their bags here in Russia.

Map pool is also favoring mousesports in this one. I don’t see them losing Train/Inferno, Vertigo or even Dust 2.

To summarize this AVANGAR/Virtus.pro vs mousesports prediction. Woxic and ropz are on fire right now. I believe that these two guys will defeat Virtus.pro themselves. Map pool is also heavily in favor of mousesports in this one. On top of that, this match is played in the best of 3 series which will eliminate that upset potential.

*alongside mousesports to win, I’ll also add Vitality to defeat EHOME 2-0. In total, this will lead to nice odds.

Prediction: mousesports to win + Vitality to win 2-0
Odds: 1.35 + 1.28 = 1.72
Betting Site: Betway
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