Astralis vs mousesports Prediction – ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals

Astralis vs mousesports Prediction – ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals

Truth be told, I had an awful betting day regarding ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals quarterfinals. Both Liquid and EG failed miserably. This time around, I’ll try my best to provide you with all the necessary information for this Astralis vs mousesports prediction.

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Astralis vs mousesports Prediction


Astralis only played three matches so far in this CSGO tournament. In their opener, Danish roster dominated Renegades(former Grayhound) with a swift victory on Inferno.

On top of that, Astralis were on the verge of losing their second match but they showed great character. Truth be told, Astralis were poor in this match, especially on Dust 2. Inferno wasn’t that good either, but they bounced back in overtime.

Lastly, Astralis looked solid on Train, but they kinda slowed down towards the end. But still, a decent victory on the deciding map.

In their final match of the group stage, Astralis were matched against Liquid. I was expecting a lot more from Astralis on Inferno. However, Liquid controlled things on the CT-side and Astralis didn’t adjust.

After that, both Nuke and Dust 2 were one-way streets. From my perspective, Liquid didn’t even have a chance on Nuke, especially while Astralis were playing on the T-side.

I’ll be straightforward when it comes to mousesports. I’m bot buying into their performances. They didn’t even win against a serious team in the group stage. Somehow they came to the playoffs and trashed EG with a 16-0 victory on Nuke. In my opinion, this was a fluke and a one-time thing.

Astralis vs mousesports Betting – Recommended Betting Sites & Odds Comparison

In order to be successful at CSGO betting, you need to be on the lookout for the best odds available. In this section, you’ll find a simple table that compares the odds for my Astralis vs mousesports prediction. Keep in mind that I’ll only recommend CSGO betting sites that I personally use.

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Map Pool & Possible Veto

I’ll have a hard time predicting a successful map veto for my Astralis vs mousesports prediction. This is why I plan to go over every map and present you with my opinion.

Let’s go over permabans first. Mirage is a no-go for Astralis and this will definitely be their first ban. On the other hand, karrigan should definitely remove Overpass as mousesports have been poor on this map.

In their last 4 matches, Astralis lost Dust 2 once. On top of that, they’ve stomped FaZe 16-0 on this map. Furthermore, they were also able to defeat Liquid twice on this map in the last two weeks. As for mouse. They’re sitting on 2 victories and 2 defeats in their last 4 matches. They’ve edged out TYLOO while ENCE and Liquid got the better off mousesports.

Prior to a close defeat against Liquid, Astralis were dominating everyone on Inferno. They’ve won this map 6 times in a row, and they’ve faced off against top contenders. Mousesports, however, were also on a winning streak on Inferno. But they played against teams such as ENCE, AVANGAR, TYLOO, CR4ZY, etc.

Out of the last 15 matches played on Nuke, Astralis lost only once. On the other hand, in their last 5 matches on Nuke, mousesports are sitting on 2 defeats and 3 victories.

Train is the only map where I would give mousesports a chance. Despite winning their last 8 matches on Train, Astralis were error-prone on this map and that can be seen from the results. On the other hand, mouse played Train twice so far on this event and they dominated both times leaving EG with 6 rounds and Renegades with 8.

We’re left with Vertigo. To be honest, I don’t know what to think about this map so here are the stats. Danish CSGO roster doesn’t really play this map too often. However, they’re definitely capable of competing there and they proved that by beating 100 Thieves and Vitality.

Mousesports played Vertigo two teams in this event and they were victorious on both occassions. Liquid and ATK stood no chance against karrigan and co.

Astralis vs mousesports Prediction – Conclusion

Form-wise, I’m siding with Astralis. They’ve faced off against tougher opponents so far on ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals and they delivered. Even though they weren’t on 100%, I believe that they’ll play their hearts out in front of the sold-out arena in Odense. As mention above, I’m not impressed by mousesports. They’ve defeated ATK and Renegades.

From my perspective, mousesports are basing most of their plays on individual skill and we all know that this is not a good long-term strategy. What happens if woxic and ropz are unable to drop 30 kills per map? This is where Astralis thrive. Their fundamental based playstyle is perfect against mousesports and they’ll prove that.

As for the map pool. We have two x-factors, Vertigo and Train. Mousesports will probably look for their chance on Train mainly because Astralis don’t play it that much. On the other hand, Astralis has a huge variety of maps to choose from. I believe that their best pick would be either Nuke or Inferno.

To conclude this Astralis vs mousesports betting prediction. Astralis are definitely a better team and they’re eager to lift a trophy in front of their home crowd. I believe that this is the end of the road for German CSGO organization and everything but a 2-0 victory for Astralis would be a surprise.

Prediction: Correct Score, Astralis 2-0
Best Odds: 1.85
Betting Site: Betway
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