CSGO Tips is a site operated by two Counter-Strike geeks. Mario and Antonio both invested over 4000 hours into the game. Furthermore, both of us spent numerous amount of hours watching CSGO tournaments and leagues.

On top of that, we tend to bet on every single CSGO tournament hence why we decided to provide everyone with our insights, tips & predictions. We believe that we’re the only CSGO betting site on the market that is basing their predictions and articles on experience.

Why Should You Follow Us?

There are quite a few reasons why we wanted to create a CSGO betting site. First and foremost, there are various other sites out there that will try hard to persuade you in following their predictions and betting advice. However, this is not the case with us. We believe that our experience as semi-professional CSGO players and Counter-Strike bettors benefit us a lot and we always try our best to teach you everything we’ve learned so far.

This is what you can expect from us:

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There are quite a few ways for you to actively join CSGO Tips. Since this is a betting based site, we want to provide you with a chance to share your opinions and predictions with others. We want to encourage you to discuss CSGO betting with others as this is an excellent way for you to profit from betting in general.

If you’re interested in this, we want to encourage you to either follow us on social networks or simply join our Discord channel.

What is Our Goal?

Our goal is really simple. We want to provide you with a fresh piece of content. We always try our best to provide you with everything you need to know regarding CSGO betting and CSGO as an esports.

Furthermore, we’ll also create articles that will benefit your CSGO skill. If you think that we’re just two guys that tend to talk something without knowing anything about it, you’re wrong. We already mentioned that we’ve put over 4000 hours into CSGO. Keep in mind that we’ve also achieved the Global Elite status and the highest we’ve ever been on FACEIT was Level 9.

All in all, we want to provide you with the best and legit content regarding Counter-Strike:Global Offensive. If you want to help us with that or you have an interesting topic that you want written, feel free to reach out to [email protected]